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Hi all,

It’s time for the second post.  Did you enjoyed the first post and learned the song “FT Island” well?  I hope you did.

The second song I have chosen is called “눈물이 흐른다” which means “Tears are falling”.  This is the first song that I have heard of from FT Island and started to notice Lee Hong Ki’s voice.  I find his voice really powerful and the way he sings is full of emotion.  To me, this song really defines FT Island as a rock band and I hope this is the direction they will go.  But anyway, let’s begin. 

Let’s hear a little introduction from the leader of FT Island, Jong Hun himself:


Here is a video of the song. Guess who is in the video? A very famous hallyu star!

Here is the lyrics:

눈물이 흐른다
(Tears are falling)

닦아도 멈추지 않는다
(Even I wiping them, they don’t stop)

그대가 흐른다
(You are falling down)

지워도 온몸에 베인다
(Even though I erase you, you are cut all over my body)

바람이 보인다
(I saw the wind)

그대도 기억들도 실어보낸다
(I am sending you and the memory with it)

그래도 난 남자라고 웃어본다
(But I am trying to smile to be a man)

그대를 사랑했다고
(I loved you)

살아가는 이유였다고
(you were my reason to live)

그대 길을 막고서
(I want to stop you from going)

나 소리치고 울고 싶은데
(I want to scream and cry)

그리워도 참아볼께
(I am going to be patient even I miss you)

나 그대에게 줄께 없잖아
(you know I have nothing to give you)

그대의 행복을 빌며 보낸다
(I will send you my prayers for your happiness)

Verse 2:
그대를 부른다
(I call you)

가슴에 외치는 한마디
(My heart cries out a word)

눈물로 삼킨다
(I suppressed with my tears)

불러도 그대는 없는데
(Even I call you, you are not there)

사랑아 어떡해
(My love, how can you)

흔한 인사하나 없이 떠나니
(leave me without saying anything)

날 버린 그대
(You who dumped me)

오늘도 미워한다
(Today again, I hate you)

Go back to Chorus

여전히 그대 하나만 찾는 바보라서
(Like before, I was a fool who only looking for you)

괜찮아 사랑했잖아
(It’s ok. You know I loved you)

사는 동안 행복했잖아
(I was happy during my life)

그대 보내주는 일
(The day I send you off)

나 죽을 만큼 하기 싫지만
(I hate it as much as death)

그리워도 참아볼께
(I am patient even though I miss you)

나 그대에게 줄께 없잖아
(You know I have nothing to give to you)

그대에 행복을 빌며 보낸다
(I send my prayer of happiness to you)

This song is actually quite difficult to me compares to the last song because it’s more colloquial.

흐른다 – falling down
멈추다 -stop
지우다 -erase
베이다 -cut onself
그리워 -miss
참다 -patient
빌 – prayer
외치다 -shout, cry, scream
삼키다 – suppress
버리 – dumped, abandoned
여전히 -like before

Grammer Points:
verb + ㄹ 께
Colloquial way of expressing an action that you are going to do
For example in the lyrics, 참아볼께 is I am patient.
줄께 is I am giving.

That’s all for this time. Try to comment with some sentences using the above vocabulary and grammer point.

Anybody like to explain the grammer verb +고서?

To comment, please press the comment button up top! Thanks.

Well, a few days ago is the 2nd anniversary for FT Island. A belated happy anniversary to them all!

Since this is my first blog, I am going to start with my favorite Korean band – F.T. Island(에프티 아일랜드)! This is a Korean rock band consists of 5 members: Jong hun(guitar/keyboard), Hong gi(lead vocal), Jae Jin(bass, vocal), Seung hyun(guitar and vocal, rap) and Min Hwan(drums). Ok, more about the band in the future but let’s quickly start our first song!

Listen to the song:

Here is the lyrics:

FTisland let’s go~!!

FTisland let’s go~!!

나 지금 어리게 보이겠지만
(I might look kind of young now)

달라요 똑같이 보지마요
(But I am different, don’t look at me like everyone else)

아직은 터무니 없게 보여도
(Though I don’t seem extraordinary)

나로인해 놀랄날이오죠
(There will come a day when you will be surprised because of me)

쌓이 책속에 까만 글씨에 담긴 의미들과
(Inside a pile of books with black writings that filled with meanings)

친해볼수가 없을 만큼나 나 너무 바쁜거죠
(So much so that I can’t get familiar with them. I am just very busy)

하늘을 나는 지하철 바닷속 나만의 별장
(The flying subway in the sky, my own cottage inside the sea)

그녀가 좋아하는 떡볶이맛에 새빨간 초콜렛
(That girl’s favorite ddukbokgi tasting, bright red chocolate)

슬픈날 잊는 행복약 영원히 사는 퍼피
(A happy medicine that makes you forget a bad day, a forever living puppy)

필요한게 많아 (필요한게 많아) 고민할게 많아 (고민할게 많아)
(I need lots of things, I have lots to worries about)

잠든척 해도 난 늘 바빠요
(I also pretend to be asleep, I am always busy)

FTisland let’s go~!!

FTisland let’s go~!!

나 지금 다른것 없이보여도
(I don’t seem to have any other things)

틀려요 내 맘에 들어와요
(You are wrong. Come into my heart)

조그만 그 속에 누구보다 더
(Inside little me, more than anyone else)

열정들로 넘쳐나고 있죠
(Passion is overflowing)

책가방속에 책을 대신해 달랑 악보한장
(Inside my backpack, instead of books, I have a lone sheet of music)

혹시 엉뚱해보이겠지만 이 안에는 세상이
(Perhaps it seems ridiculous, inside this sheet is my world)

Repeat Chorus

쌓인 책속에 까만글씨에 담긴 의미들과
(Inside a pile of books with black writings that filled with meanings)

친해볼수가 없을 만큼나 너무바쁜거죠
(So much so that I can’t get familiar with them. I am very busy)

리모콘으로 가는차 모든다되는 컴퓨터
(a remote controlled car, a computer that can do anything)

나만의 천생연분만 알아보는 요술같은 안경
(A pair of wizzard-like glasses that can show me my soulmate)

추억을 담은 손지갑 미래로 가는 구두
(A wallet that is filled with memories, shoes that can take me into the future)

다 이뤄줄게요 (다 이뤄줄게요) 행복을 줄게요 (행복을 줄게요)
(I will achieve them all for you, I will give all happiness to you)

다 말해 봐요 다 해줄게요
(Tell me everything you want. I will give them all for you)

FTisland let’s go~!!

FTisland let’s go~!!


터무니 없게 – not extraordinary
놀라다 -be surprised
쌓이다 – be piled
글씨 – writing, letters
담다 – to fill
의미 – meaning
별장 – a villa, a country house, a cottage
퍼피 – puppy
잠든척 – pretend asleep, look sleepy
틀려요 – you are wrong
조그만 – only little
열정 – passion
넘쳐 – overflow
달랑 – alone
악보 – music sheet
엉뚱하다 -non-sensical, irrevalent, absurd
리모콘 -remote control
천생연분 – soulmate
요술- wizzard
추억 – memory
이루다 – accomplish, achieve

Grammar Points:

noun + 로인하 다 – because of
In the lyris 나로인해, means because of me. So the whole line 나로인해 놀랄날이오죠, means there will come a day when you will be surprised by me.

More Examples:
1. 드라마 “베토벤 바이러스”로인해 더 유명해진 곳, “쁘띠 프랑스”를 찾았다.
Because of drama “Beethovan Virus” more famous place “Petit France” was found.

2. 한류로 인해 한국 문화에 대한 관심이 점점 커져 갑니다.
Because of the Korean wave, I slowly get interested in Korean culture.

That’s all I have for this time. Please leave with your examples of using n. + 로인하 다.

Also, would some natives or advanced Korean students explain the difference between noun + 로인하 다 and noun + 때문에? Are they interchangable or use for different purpose?

Please also leave me comments on how can I make it more useful and entertaining for everyone! 🙂 I know you guys will love the little movie that I created! 😛

To purchase this FT Island CD, click here.
To learn more about F.T. Island.
To watch other animation created by author, click here.

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