Second Song – 눈물이 흐른다

Posted: June 19, 2009 in Lessons
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Hi all,

It’s time for the second post.  Did you enjoyed the first post and learned the song “FT Island” well?  I hope you did.

The second song I have chosen is called “눈물이 흐른다” which means “Tears are falling”.  This is the first song that I have heard of from FT Island and started to notice Lee Hong Ki’s voice.  I find his voice really powerful and the way he sings is full of emotion.  To me, this song really defines FT Island as a rock band and I hope this is the direction they will go.  But anyway, let’s begin. 

Let’s hear a little introduction from the leader of FT Island, Jong Hun himself:


Here is a video of the song. Guess who is in the video? A very famous hallyu star!

Here is the lyrics:

눈물이 흐른다
(Tears are falling)

닦아도 멈추지 않는다
(Even I wiping them, they don’t stop)

그대가 흐른다
(You are falling down)

지워도 온몸에 베인다
(Even though I erase you, you are cut all over my body)

바람이 보인다
(I saw the wind)

그대도 기억들도 실어보낸다
(I am sending you and the memory with it)

그래도 난 남자라고 웃어본다
(But I am trying to smile to be a man)

그대를 사랑했다고
(I loved you)

살아가는 이유였다고
(you were my reason to live)

그대 길을 막고서
(I want to stop you from going)

나 소리치고 울고 싶은데
(I want to scream and cry)

그리워도 참아볼께
(I am going to be patient even I miss you)

나 그대에게 줄께 없잖아
(you know I have nothing to give you)

그대의 행복을 빌며 보낸다
(I will send you my prayers for your happiness)

Verse 2:
그대를 부른다
(I call you)

가슴에 외치는 한마디
(My heart cries out a word)

눈물로 삼킨다
(I suppressed with my tears)

불러도 그대는 없는데
(Even I call you, you are not there)

사랑아 어떡해
(My love, how can you)

흔한 인사하나 없이 떠나니
(leave me without saying anything)

날 버린 그대
(You who dumped me)

오늘도 미워한다
(Today again, I hate you)

Go back to Chorus

여전히 그대 하나만 찾는 바보라서
(Like before, I was a fool who only looking for you)

괜찮아 사랑했잖아
(It’s ok. You know I loved you)

사는 동안 행복했잖아
(I was happy during my life)

그대 보내주는 일
(The day I send you off)

나 죽을 만큼 하기 싫지만
(I hate it as much as death)

그리워도 참아볼께
(I am patient even though I miss you)

나 그대에게 줄께 없잖아
(You know I have nothing to give to you)

그대에 행복을 빌며 보낸다
(I send my prayer of happiness to you)

This song is actually quite difficult to me compares to the last song because it’s more colloquial.

흐른다 – falling down
멈추다 -stop
지우다 -erase
베이다 -cut onself
그리워 -miss
참다 -patient
빌 – prayer
외치다 -shout, cry, scream
삼키다 – suppress
버리 – dumped, abandoned
여전히 -like before

Grammer Points:
verb + ㄹ 께
Colloquial way of expressing an action that you are going to do
For example in the lyrics, 참아볼께 is I am patient.
줄께 is I am giving.

That’s all for this time. Try to comment with some sentences using the above vocabulary and grammer point.

Anybody like to explain the grammer verb +고서?

To comment, please press the comment button up top! Thanks.

  1. Jooyoung says:

    Hi Grace 🙂
    “고서” is kind of “and then.”
    For example, “하다”+”고서” = 하고서 it means do and then~
    “입다”+”고서” = 입고서 it means wear and then~
    하고서 // 입고서 // 마시고서 ect.
    So you can use “고서” if you wanna explain consecutive situations.

  2. natsuki376 says:

    i’ve been searching for this song’s eng trans for months!
    keep up the good work!

    ~natsuki376 des!~

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi natsuki376,
      I love this song. Thanks for checking back. Please come back often because meeting fans is definitely one of my goals that I want to achieve through this blog. I love FT Island and their fans!!! 😛

    • mwgrace says:


  3. John Ssi says:

    Hi Grace nice to meet You ,
    안녕하세요 저음 뵙겠습니다

    I am a Korean Language student of the Chicago meet up . My favorite
    Korean Pop star is Lee Sun Hee / 이선희 . If You have time I would
    really like to see some of Her songs on Your blog (which is great,
    We are so excited to see this here 😀 ) Songs on You Tube :
    인연 ( Fate,man of king ) , 나항상 그대를 ( I am,always for you )
    , J 에게 ( “Dear J” )

    ~Best Wishes

    ~John Ssi

    • mwgrace says:

      John 씨,
      만나서 반갑습니다.

      Thanks for coming to my site. I am glad people from Chicago Meetup is coming to my blog. If you could help me out by introducing my blog to your members, that would be much appreciated.

      Sounds like a few of you have suggestions on songs for me and I would definitely consider that. I think I will definitely add more variety to songs and artist so people will have a chance to see their favorites on my blog. So that will be coming. Just stay tuned and keep the suggestions coming. Any kind of suggestions are welcome. Please come back often. I will update my blog often.

      Nice meeting you again!

  4. John Ssi says:

    Hi Grace ,

    …sure I will be glad to tell the Korean language students here
    about Your blog . One thing I must say about the FT.Island song is
    that it is helping Me read Korean as fast as English so it improves
    My Korean comprehension .
    Thank You again for a job well done !

    Best ~ John Ssi

    • mwgrace says:

      I am glad that you are willing to help. I do think there must be lots of people out there who would like to learn from songs.

      I am glad that it’s help your comprehension. For me, I think it helps me to remember vocabularies. Once I could remember the words, then it’s easier for me to understand. 😉


  5. John Ssi says:

    Hi again Grace ,

    Yes I agree the vocabulary is most important . Nice job on the third lesson / First kiss . I like this one also , because the
    pace is a slower song . That gives Me time to sight read both
    한글 and the 영어 almost at the same time . Very beneficial indeed.

    좋은 하루 되세요 과 다음에 또 뵙겠습니다

    ~ 죤 씨

    • mwgrace says:

      Yeah, slow song is easier for us to follow. I will remember to try to use slower songs so people can follow. (^.^) I do really like this song and I hope everyone does too!

  6. Sujin says:

    I was on youtube and there is this girl that said she had learn Japanese completely through music. I wanted to see if anyone had done so for Korean, which led me to here. My question is when you’re learning from a song, do you take all the words and learn them or only a couple like you have?

    • mwgrace says:

      That’s really cool! When I learn from a song, I look for vocabularies that I don’t know. So what I picked out here are usually the words that I don’t know or I think my readers might not know. Since I have been learning Korean for 4 years, I have good basic knowledge. Also, vocabularies that was covered in previous songs I won’t cover either. So it might seems like I don’t pick a lot of vocabularies out and that’s because I assume people know. But I think you can still learn a lot about the language through songs because as you listen to the song each time, those words and grammar kind of stays with you. I am not sure about learning solely from music but I think it’s a good way to complement your learning.

      • Sujin says:

        Ah~ I’ve only seriously learned Korean since the beginning of this year So if I learn from a full song, it’ll be a while before I can move onto the next song (which is why I’m sticking to tiny songs such as the Ice Cream phone song sung by Kim Tae-hee). 🙂
        I felt I wasn’t making much progress so I’d thought I’d try this out(I think I’m a “lazy learner” only because I don’t know what to do exactly). ^^ I think it would definitely help me with my listening and speaking skills because right now… I have no idea how to work with that (besides maybe K-dramas, but I don’t watch those often).
        I only read about one person who learned through song for Korean… He said he had first read about the grammar and then once he was familiar with it, he went about learning through songs…
        I’ll try and see if this works though. 😀
        I have a handy dictionary and nice Korean Language Partner. 😀

      • mwgrace says:

        If you only started learning Korean for a year, then it’s a lot you could learn from a song. Are you self studying? How else are you learning?

        I think learning from songs still works for me but of course the more different ways you could learn it, it will just be more interesting. Try lots of different ways. Watch drama, listen to podcast etc. But yeah, keep my blog as one of the ways you learn as well. 🙂 And if you have a good language partner, that really helps!

      • Sujin says:

        Yes, I’m self studying. I don’t have any money to take classes or even buy a TY book. My mom said she might get me a class if she’s able to get herself a Japanese class…
        The podcasts I’ve listened to are from koreanclass101, and I’ve tried watching a Let’s Speak Korean series from Arirang TV. I’ve checked out an old TY book (but it’s falling apart T^T)from the library, and I was told about a site where I could download podcasts ( I thought the idea of music would help me a lot since I have a lot of Korean songs on my iPod already and I like listening to music… As far as K-dramas go, for some reason I never seem to finish any I start. 😦 I only have one K-drama DVD set that KLP gave me for a gift. I love that drama, so I’ll be watching it again… later… >__>”
        *total immersion is the last thing on my mind because I won’t be able to do anything ’til I get a J-O-B and graduate* 🙂
        Oh, but I will definitely keep this blog in mind, of course.

      • mwgrace says:

        Self studying is good. I admire you to have the disciple. You are pretty much doing the same thing as I do. So hopefully you and I will be somewhat fluent soon. 🙂

        I think it’s more important to graduate and get a job. So get your priorities right. 😛

        Keep coming back and do let me know if you have specific songs that you would like me to do. Of course, only if I like the song and I have the ability to translate it. 😛


  7. sujinm says:

    Seeing as how I’ll be a Junior this year, I might not have much free time like I used to. If I stop procrastinating, then that would help lots too. 🙂 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ but I’ll be able to juggle both Korean and school. 😀 (hopefully ㅠ.ㅠ)

    ㅎㅎ sorry to spam this page with stuff, but I have another question. >____< Do you know or have any suggestions on how to study a song with a language exchange partner? v.v

    • mwgrace says:

      My suggestion to study a song with a language exchange partner is to read the words to your partner so he/she can correct any pronunciation errors. Then say you use a song you learn from this blog here. Since I already pointed out the vocabularies, you can ask your partner specifics on grammar or special expressions. I only cover one grammar point for each song and also assume that you know basic grammar, but if you don’t know these, this will be a good chance to ask your partner. After that, I think you should have fun singing the song with your language exchange partner in a norebang. But challenge yourself to really know what you are singing. That’s how I enjoy learning and singing at the same time! \(^.^)/

  8. steve says:

    Great idea for a blog. Keep the songs coming!

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the encouragement. I will be working hard on this. Please keep coming back or better yet, subscribe to my blog. 🙂


  9. lia says:

    hi…thank you for creating this blog. My name is lia from Indonesia. I’m self studying too since my korean teacher move to other town last year.

    I was googling for you’re beautiful ost lyric and found your blog. This blog is very helpful. I’ve been studying for almost 3 years but still cannot translate a song. I bet I’m a slow learner and a lazy student…hahaha…but thank your for all of your posting.

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Lia,

      Very nice to meet you here at my blog. How long have you been self-studying Korean? I hope this blog can help you a little bit. I have been studying Korean for almost 5 years and just starting to translate songs like this. So you will be able to do it soon. Please come back often or subscribe to my blog. Let me know if you have any questions too. 😉

      See you soon.


  10. 알리나 says:

    This is great! Glad I found a website like this! 🙂

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