Third Lesson – First Kiss 첫키스

Posted: July 1, 2009 in learn korean, Lessons
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Hi Everyone,

It’s time for another lesson, isn’t it? This time I have chosen one of my favorite songs from FT Island called “첫키스” meaning first kiss. This song is really sweet and I think it’s very well written. It fits the band’s image and is very descriptive of the emotions that someone goes through.

As usual, we will have the band introduce the song:

Let’s listen to the song from FT Island’s live concert:

Here is the lyrics in Hangul:

영화처럼 멋질 수 있을까
(Will it be as exciting as in the movies)

그녀와의 처음 입맞춤
(The first time our lips touch)

내일 다시 만날 것 같은데
(I think tomorrow we will meet again)

왜 벌써부터 두근거리는
(Why my heart is already beating so fast)

떨린 가슴이 터질 것 같은지
(The vibrating heart feels like it’s going to explode)

솜사탕 같을까 궁금해
(I wonder will it be sweet like cotton candy)

눈을 감고 상상해
(I close my eyes and image)

혹시 그녀도 지금 이 순간 똑같은 상상을 할까
(By any chance, would that girl be also thinking of the same thing at this very moment ?)

Oh ye~

사탕처럼 달콤할 것 같아
(I think it’s sweet like sugar)

왠지 아카시아 향기도 날 것 같아
(why it seems like I can even smell acacia)

향기에 취해 버릴까 봐 그게 걱정이 돼
(I am worried that I will get completely addicted to that smell)

근데 그 보다 큰 걱정은 아무도 믿지 않겠지만
(But a bigger worry than this that no one would even believe)

나 솔직히 아직까지 키스해본 적 없다는 걸
(I honestly have not yet kissed anyone before)

영화처럼 고개를 돌릴까
(Should I turn my heard like in the movies)

입을 맞춘 후엔 어떻게 숨을 쉴까
(After our lips touch, how will I breathe?)

그게 또 걱정돼
(I worry about that too)

눈은 언제쯤에 감는지
(When should I close my eyes?)

코는 어떡하는지
(What about my nose?)

대체 얼마나 오래 하는지
(About how long should this go on?)

도대체 알 수가 없어
(How on earth do I know?)

Oh no~

사탕처럼 달콤한 거라면
(If it’s sweet like sugar)

아주 오랫동안 그대로 있을거야
(I am going to stay like that for a long time)

입술에 취해버린 대도
(Even if I get completely high off her lips)

밤을 새울거야
(I will stay up the night)

서툰 내가 싫다 할까 봐
(I am afraid that she does like the inexperienced me)

나 먼저 고백 해버릴까
(Shall I confess in advance)

나 솔직히 입 맞추는 키스 니가 처음이야
(Honestly, this is the first time I kiss someone)

그런 걱정으로 밤샌 지
(Well I stay up the night worry about that)

아주 오래 지난 후
(After a long time)

우린 드디어 어느 깊은 밤 살며시 입을 맞췄지
(We finally on a long night gently touched our lips)

Oh ye~

레몬 보다 더한 달콤함에
(It’s sweeter than lemon)

그냥 그대로 난 꼼짝할 수 없었어
(I really can’t even move)

행복에 취해 버린 채로 얼어 버린거야
(I am going to freeze as I get high off the happiness)

서툰 그녀가 왜 이렇게 고맙고 다행스러운지
(Why I am so thankful for this inexperienced girl like it’s my big fortune)

약속할게 나 영원히 키스 너하고만 할게
(I promise to you I will forever only kiss you)

키스 너 하고만 할게
(Kiss, I will only do that with you)

멋지다 – exciting, nice, splendid
맞춤 – put together, touch
두근거리-(heart) beat
떨린 – fast
터지다 – explode
궁금하다 – wonder
상상하다 – image
지금 이순간 – this very moment
아카시아 – arcacia
향기 – smell
취하다 – literally means drunk
아무도 – nobody
솔직히 – honestly
고개 – head
돌리다 – turn
그대로 – as it is, the way it is
새우다 – stay up for the night
서툰 – inexperienced
드디어 – finally
꼼짝하다 – the ability to move

Grammar point:
verb stem + ㄹ/을 + 까 봐
This is to express the anticipation of something to happen or afraid that something is going to happen.

In the lyrics, this is used twice.
1. It says “향기에 취해 버릴까 봐 그게 걱정이 돼” means that “I am worried that I will get completely addicted to the smell.”
2. It says “서툰 내가 싫다 할까 봐” means that “I am afraid that she does not like the inexperienced me.

Sample sentences:
1. 체중이 늘을까 봐 케이크를 안 먹어요.
I am not eating cake because I am afraid of gaining weight.
2. 겜퓨터 만이 하면 눈이 더 나빠질 까 봐 걱장이야.
If I use the computer too much, I am afraid my eye will get bad.

Ok, why don’t you try to make your own sample sentences or leave a comment by using the comment button on top?

If you are fluent in Korean, do you mind telling us what Hong Ki was saying after the song finished?

See you next time! Don’t forget to leave me a comment! 🙂

  1. Jooyoung ^o^ says:

    Wow this song is also very nice~! I like the melody~
    I found some typing errors in your examples.
    1. 체중이 늘을까 봐 케이크를 안 먹어요.
    -> 체중이 늘까봐 케이크를 안 먹어요.
    2. 겜퓨터 만이 하면 눈이 더 나빠질 까 봐 걱장이야.
    -> 컴퓨터를 많이 하면 눈이 더 나빠질까봐 걱정이야.

    Anyway you did a good job! I envy you~ You are not lazy. haha

    • mwgrace says:

      Isn’t it normal that I make some mistakes? haha… Still lots to learn. Thanks for correcting me.

      I am glad you like this song. I like this song a lot. I thought this must be one of their more popular songs but it’s really not. How funny! I really like the lyrics because it’s easy to understand and you can really feel the feeling.

      You should also check out the English version called “You’ll always be mine”. Their English is not bad! I usually listen to both the Korean version and the English version back to back. (^.^)


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