Hi everybody,

Sorry it took me so long to get this posting up. The new album “Cross and Change” has been out for a while now and I have been listening to them. I hope everyone knows the new single of FT Island by now. So here it is the fifth lesson on the song 바래 meaning “I hope.”

Let’s see who’s going to introduce the songs this time:

Here is the MV:

The lyrics is as follows:

하루가 지나고 한달이 지나도
(Even a day passes by, a month passes by)

너에게 연락이 오지를 않았어
(I couldn’t come in contact with you)

눈물이 흘러 가슴이 아파
(My tears are falling, my heart is hurting)

아니야 잠시뿐야
(no, it’s just for a moment)

아닐거야 아닐거야
(No, it can’t be. No, it can’t be)

아닐거야 나를 달래지마
(No, it can’t be. Don’t try to comfort me)

니가 떠난 빈 자리만 커져가
(The empty seat the you left behind is becoming bigger)

너를 다시 봐도 넌 넌 내 사랑
(Even if I look at you again, you you are my love)

수백번 봐도 난 난 네 사랑
(Even if I look at you a couple hundred times, I I am your love)

하늘이 맺어준 넌 내 사랑
(It was made in heaven, you are my love)

니가 잠시 길을 잃은 것 뿐이야
(You’re just lost for a moment)

다시 태어나도 너만 바래
(Even if I were to born again, I only hope for you)

다시 사랑해도 너만 바래
(Even if I were to love again, I only hope for you)

돌아올거야 돌아올거야
(You will return, you will return)

니가 없는 나는 없으니까
(There is no me without you)

날 사랑한다 해놓고
(You let go of our love)

도대체 어디로 떠난거야 나를 버리고
(Where did you go leaving me? You abandoned me)

잡은 내 두 손까지도 우리 약속까지도
(Even that we held our two hands, even that we had a promise)

나 버리고 깨버리고 어떻게 떠나
(You abandoned me. You destroyed me. How could you leave me?)

꿈일거야 꿈일거야
(It must be a dream. It must be a dream.)

꿈일거야 나를 속이지마
(It must be a dream. Don’t deceive me.)

나만 혼자 남겨진게 서러워
(It’s sad that I was left only by myself)

너를 다시 봐도 넌 넌 내 사랑
(Even if I see you again, you you are my love)

수백번 봐도 난 난 네 사랑
(Looking several hundred times, I I am your love)

하늘이 맺어준 넌 내 사랑
(It was a union made in heaven. You are my love.)

니가 잠시 길을 잃은 것 뿐이야
(You are just lost for a moment)

다시 태어나도 너만 바래
(Even if I were to born again I hope for only you)

다시 사랑해도 너만 바래
(Even if I were to love again, I hope for only you)

돌아올거야 돌아올거야
(You will return. You will return.)

니가 없는 나는 없으니까
(There is no me without you.)

이 모든게 악몽일거라 난 생각했어
(I think all this had to be a nightmare)

아~제발 이 꿈에서 깨기만 바래
(Please, I just hope I can wake up from this dream)

오늘이 지나고 내일 또 눈 뜨면
(When today passes and tomorrow when I wake up again)

이 모든게 현실이 아닌 꿈이길 바래 Oh
(I hope all these are not the reality but just a dream)

모든게 현실보다 더 리얼했던 꿈이였길 나는 바래 널 바래
(Everything compare to reality was more real, I hope it’s just a dream. I hope for you.)

아직도 너를 원해
(I still want you)

다시 돌아봐도 넌 넌 내 사랑
(Even if you come back again, you you are my love)

수천번 봐도 난 난 네 사랑
(Even if I look at you couple thousand times, I I am your love)

하늘이 허락한 넌 내 사랑
(It was approved by heaven that you are my love)

우린 잠시 멀어졌던 것 뿐이야
(We are just distanced for a moment)

다른 여잘 봐도 너만 바래
(Even if I look at other girls you are the only one I hope for)

다른 사랑해도 너만 바래
(Even if I love another one, you are the only one I hope for)

돌아올거야 돌아올거야
(You will return. You will return.)

니가 없는 나는 없으니까
(There is no me without you)

하루 – one day
지나다 – (a day) pass
연락 – contact
잠시 – a short while
달래다 – appease, comfort
수백번 – couple hundred times
맺어준 – match made in heaven
길을 잃다 – get lose, lose oneself
놓다 – let go
버리다 – abandon, give up
깨버리다 – destroy
서럽다 – sad, sorrowful
속이다 – deceive, cheat
깨다 – wake up
악몽 – a bad dream, a nightmare
현실 – reality
리얼하다 – be realistic
눈뜨다 – wake up
허락하다 – approve
멀다 – be distant

Grammar Point:
noun + 까지도
This means even that with the expression of disappointment.

In the lyrics, it is used twice:
잡은 내 두 손까지도 우리 약속까지도
나 버리고 깨버리고 어떻게 떠나
Even that we held our two hands, even that we had a promise, you abandoned me and you destroyed me. How could you leave me?

Here, you can see the expression that even though we held hand and had a promise, the result was a disappointment and one was abandoned.

Example sentence:
너는 착한아이줄 알았는데 너 까지도 나뿐아이구나.
I expect you are a good boy but you are not. (So the speaker is disappointed)

Ok, please feel free to comment by clicking on the button below the title. Also, let me know how you like or dislike this new album as well! For all the Koreans out there, please feel free to correct any mistakes that I have. That’s how I can improve!

See you next time!

  1. natsuki376 says:

    hi grace! >_<
    well, i'm not going to comment on the lyric coz i still have some difficulties in English grammar. T-T
    anyway, guess you know the fact that their 3rd album is just OK to me. nice to hear but that's just it. hehe. different people have different opinions on something rite?
    contact me again, and i'll reply to you when i'm free(i'm trying hard to control myself from touching my laptop during this test week!)


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Nasuki,

      You are having difficulties in English grammar? No way!

      I know how you feel about this album. I really think the only big change is the image of the group and the music is less rock. I really would like them to sing more rock songs ’cause it really fits Hongki’s voice and nobody could challenge him on that. But it he goes pop, I think it reduces his edge over other singers. You are entitled to your opinion, of course! So am I as I have expressed above! 😛

      Have a good test! I will visit your blog to contact you! Fighting!

      Grace (^.^)

  2. TINAxMINHO says:

    whaddya mean?
    this song is TOTALLY rock.
    their other songs are more ballad-ish rock.

  3. natsuki376 says:

    guess i’m not really into their ballad-ish rock songs. or it just that i’m not really into music for the time being

  4. Jillian says:

    So, I just found this page through google 8D
    And I just wanted to thank you for doing this XD
    I love love love this song, and I’m currently studying Korean in University, so this page has helped me a lot! haha.

    I just have one question (not about your translation or anything, just in general):
    What is the difference between the phrase “니가없는 나없으니까” and “내가없는 너는없으니까”?

    • mwgrace says:

      Cool! I am glad this blog shows up at your google search. You are studying Korean in university? Your Korean might be much better than mine. 🙂 So please subscribe/bookmark this page so you can come back for all the other lessons. As you know, my goal is to learn Korean through songs since I love listening to music and the song lyrics just stick to my mind much better than any other means. 😉

      So “니가없는 나없으니까” means without you, there is no me,” As for “내가없는 너는없으니까”, it means, there is no you without me.” It’s very similar but the meaning is totally different. Let me know if you still have questions. (^.^)

      • Jillian says:

        Lol, I am studying it, I’m only in my second year, though. I will hang around your blog, though, just to see if I can help out a little here and there. I’ve been listening to Korean music for quite a while now and it’s the main reason I’m even learning Korean in the first place xD;

        hm, that’s what I thought the difference was, but it seems odd in the context of the song xD also, up there you put
        “내가 없는 너는 없으니까
        (There is no me without you)”
        So I was kind of confused xD;;

      • mwgrace says:

        Wow, you are in your second year already. Then you must be really good! Please hang around and help me out! Right now, music and drama are the only reasons I am learning Korean. (Or is it just FT Island? ;-P) Where is home for you? I am sure your Korean will be so good in no time. I hope I have that chance. 🙂 Are you going to the FT Island concert then?

        I think it’s the pasting of the lyrics that was wrong and I just corrected it in my post. It should all be “니가 없는 나는 없으니까” as I listened to the song to make sure that’s what was sung. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion!!

      • Jillian says:

        Haha, I’m not that good yet. There’s still a lot of vocabulary and grammar that I don’t know, but I’m hoping to study in Korea next fall. And I’m in Hawaii right now, so unfortunately, I can’t go to this year’s concert ;__; but hopefully they’ll have one next year at the same time! Then I could go!
        Haha. Yes, Seunghyun is my main reason at the moment, but it’s been almost 7 years since I wanted to start learning Korean, so it’s changed people and bands and reasons a lot.

        And – it’s okay. I have the lyrics pasted in a word file, and mine say the same thing, so no worries :3

      • mwgrace says:

        I see. How exciting that you will go to Korea to study. It will be a really fun experience to you. Yeah, next year you can go to their concert. It seems to me so far they have it every year. So I think you have a good chance. 🙂

        Seunghyun? OMG! Seems like my readers all like the second vocal in the group. 😛 I have yet to hear from others who like other members. (^.^)

        Please feel free to point out any mistakes in my blog. Sometimes I might not do all the due diligence to make sure the lyrics is good to begin with. 😛


  5. Jillian says:

    Haha, really? My best friend is like, mad in love with Hongki and my roommate loves Minhwan ❤ I really love them all, but Seunghyun just makes me so happy ❤ Who's your favorite?

    And yeah, I'll see what I can do, haha. I'm not guaranteeing much though xD;

    • mwgrace says:

      Well, I guess your good friend and I have to fight. (^.^) Anyway, we all support all five of them, right? ;-P

      Just finished watching episode 3 and 4 of “You’re beautiful.” I think all the guys are very cute! They all have their very lovable side. Wish I could be Go Mi Nam!! 🙂

  6. kimia says:

    your way is so good I had not seen on another sites something like this . I think it is a good way for me to learn meanings of Korean
    words and their writings.
    kam sam mida so much

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Kimia,

      Thanks for liking my blog. When I design this blog, I was looking for something like that but I didn’t find it. Since I like drama and music, I decided it’s good to learn Korean in a fun way. So please come and check out my blog often. I will try to update as much as I could. You can subscribe to my blog or my youtube channel so you will know when I update my blog. 🙂

      Are you by any chance also an FT fan? ;-P

  7. Angela says:

    Hey! I found your blog because I was trying to figure out what Hongki was actually singing! Anyway, I was just wondering…if you consider this album lackluster, can you suggest another one of their albums that you believe is better?


  8. MeeYoung says:

    I love these translations! Especially when I’m making a binder cover or bookmark, these lyrics are just perfect to stick on. FT Island definitely has very heart-felt lyrics…I’m surprised that a ground of teenagers can make lyrics like these! Who would expect them to make songs of heartbreak and love at such a young age?
    I’ve been trying to learn Korean for the longest time since I’m a Korean American, but born in the states…I’ve never been to Korea in my life and wowww, I failed Korean school a million times because I couldn’t find the drive to study Korean. But now getting into the Korean-Pop culture, I’ve been trying hard! These lyrics are really helping me find small remarks and statements that I enjoy~! Thanks so much and I can’t wait to see the next post!
    Can I request that you translate my favorite song? ‘After Love’ by FT Island? ^^ It doesn’t matter if you don’t.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!
    MeeYoung (:

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Meeyoung,

      Nice to meet you! Thanks for the compliments. I am so exciting to meet other FT fans all the time. Where in the US are you from? FT Island’s songs are great for translations because they are usually not too complicated. But even if they are, I will still translate them anyway. Love FT’s music.

      You are Korean American? I am surprised that they didn’t teach you Korean at home. Most Korean Americans that I know speak Korean at home. 🙂 But it’s good that you are into the pop culture like we are. It gave us incentive to study Korean. 🙂

      Yes, I can translate “After Love”. No problem. Actually it was my plan to translate all their songs but they come out with new songs sooner than I can finished translating one whole album. 😉 I think I can get to that after I finish the “You’re Beautiful” soundtrack which is just two more songs. Then I can get to “After Love”. Don’t be shy in telling me what you want me to translate. I can totally do that. 😉 I should have the next post soon so hopefully you don’t have to wait for too long. (^.^) I am kind of busy at the moment entertaining out of town guests.

      Please check back the blog often by subscribing to the blog or my youtube channel. And don’t forget to leave me a comment so we can stay in touch. Have you been watching “You’re Beautiful?” I enjoyed it so much.


  9. MeeYoung says:

    Teehee, my parents do speak Korean at home, but they came to the States when they were teenagers, so they speak fluent Korean and English…and since I can’t speak Korean, English is what they speak most of the time at home. UNLESS, they were just watching Korean dramas, haha. They become more Asian-y all together after watching X]!

    I live in Maryland, but practically live in Virginia since I go there 24/7 because of relatives~ Where do you live?

    I’m such a Twinkie, but lately I’ve been becoming really ‘Asian’, haha. Getting dark black rimmed glasses, a really short hair cut with bangs, dying the tips of my hair orange/brown. I just need to learn the language =___=!

    Ahh! You’re Beautiful! I love that drama! But I just watch it to see Hongki, hehe. The drama was so cheezy though and you can tell it’s heavily based on a lot of Japanese romance/comedy mangas. But I loved it and it’s on my top drama list! I can’t wait to see translations of ‘Without a Word’ and ‘Promise’ X]! But did you hear there MIGHT be a sequel?! Can’t believe it!

    Do you actually translate the songs one line at a time manually or search up the lyrics? I guess it is nice to actually learn the lyrics…hmm, yeaa. Hehe, mumbling to myself.

    Ohoh, how do you subscribe to blogs…^^?

    MeeYoung (:

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi MeeYoung,

      I am sure your parents are fluent in both Korean and English. I am surprised they didn’t ask you to learn the language so you can speak to your grandparents or relatives in Korea. 🙂

      I live in Los Angeles and there are lots of Korean people here. (^.^) So it’s easy to find Korean schools.

      I didn’t hear that there might be a sequel. That would be great. But since Hongki is so busy, will see if all of the AN Jell guys have time to make the sequel. I am sure fan would like to see Shin Woo with some cute girls. 🙂

      I actually translate the song line by line but I also double check my work with others just to make sure. I am just learning too. 🙂

      Oh, I have a button here on my blog for you to subscribe. Does it not work? ;-P Just press the button and put in your email.

      What other dramas are you watching now? I hear that our local Korean channels are starting to show “You’re Beautiful” so I might be watching it again on TV. That’s cool! 🙂


      • MeeYoung says:

        My parents actually forced me to go to Korean school when I was in 3rd to 5th grade…then yeaa, my siblings and I just failed the entrance exam so that we can go to the lower classes and just fool around, hahah. Amazingly, my elders actually speak English a bit, so that’s good for me~

        Los Angeles! I have a friend that lives in California…I forget which part though. Yeaa, she said there are so many Koreans there and California is really filled with the culture. Apparently there was a tofu festival several weeks ago X]!

        Ehh, I think a sequel will be great, but it might stretch the series too much. Like, how will the twins be shown now? Sometime series are better if they stay by themselves. But trust me, I would kill to see Hongki as Jeremy again X]!

        I’ll look for the subscribe button after I post up this comment ^^!

        Hmm, I just finished watching ‘My Too Perfect Sons/Sons of Soo Pharmacy’. I believe it finished first for the best Korean dramas. Ehh, I also catch bits of ‘Queen Seonduk’ when my parents watch with my little sister (she LOVES it…hahah). I haven’t really been into Korean things such as dramas, movies, and music…but lately, yeaa, I’ve been getting into it. If you have any good series, please recommend!

        MeeYoung (:

      • mwgrace says:

        Hi MeeYoung,

        You are so lucky that all your family speaks English so you don’t really have to speak to them in Korean. But it’s good that now you find another reason to study Korean and go back to your roots. 🙂

        Was there a tofu festival in LA? I didn’t even know about that. ha ha… Anyway, yeah, we have lots of festivals here and I do go to the Korean festival every year. But it seems getting kind of the same thing after a while. 🙂

        I don’t know what they are thinking of to make a sequel. Maybe something not centered around Mi Nam but somebody else? How about the group decide to break up and have their solo career but in the end decide they should all get back together as a group? I am sure the writer will have some fun ideas. I would like to see Jeremy and Jolie again! 🙂 Of course and the others too especially manager Ma. He is funny. And… president Anh too! \(^.^)/

        Wow, I have not heard of “My too perfect Son/Sons of Soo Pharmacy.” Maybe I should check it out. Who’s in that series? I have heard of “Queen Seonduk” but honestly I am not big on period pieces. I kind of started watching “Iris” and I think it’s a big hit in Korea now. So it’s worth a try. They are showing it in LA local Korean channels. So I might try to watch it on TV. My week is good because Mon, Tue is “Iris”, Wed and Thur is “You’re Beautiful” and then Friday is “On Air” which you know FT Island did the theme song. So I am quite happy! 🙂

        I hope you did find the subscribe button. I am working on the next post and you should see it soon. So please check back soon.


  10. Meo says:

    Hi. I really enjoy reading your blog. I also fancy all the songs you introduce/translate here.

    I have a question about the list of vocab above. What is the difference between 깨다 and 눈뜨다 ? Do they just have the same meaning or do the emphasize different aspects when being used?


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Meo,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to have you here and meeting you. (^.^)

      According to my understanding, 깨다 and 눈뜨다 both means wake up. But for me, 눈뜨다 is more like literally opening your eyes. For 깨다, it’s more like waking up from your dreams. So I am sure there could be situations where one verb will be more suitable than others. I hope this helps.


  11. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

    I’m Out! 🙂

    • mwgrace says:

      Dear online stock trading guru,

      Thanks for leaving me a comment to let me know that you like this blog. I always feel really happy when people tell me they like my blog. Please come back often to check out new posts or leave me some stock trading tips! 🙂


  12. Yuza says:

    this is a very exciting way to learn Korean 😀 good job ! I really appreciate your hard work and willingness to teach us 😀 hehe~
    I’m a big fan of FTI too. Honggi is my fav!

    I want to ask..
    so .. “바래” is “I hope” right? so what’s the Korean word for HOPE itself?
    is it “기대” or “바람”?
    thx 🙂

    *I dnt even know if you still look at comments on old posts or not.. T_T

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Yuza,

      Nice to meet you! Another fan of FT and Hong Ki! YEAH!!! So happy that you come to my blog. How long have you been learning Korean?

      “바래” is “I hope.” For the noun “hope” itself, it’s “바람.” “기대” is expectation.

      I do look at all comments on any post! I look forward to meeting all fans of FT and Korean learners. I got really excited every time when somebody leave me a comment. 🙂 So whenever you come, please let me a comment. 🙂


  13. Yuza says:

    hahaha woohoo fast reply! 😀
    I’ve been learning Korean since.. well, I don’t actually learn Korean in a formal way like courses or school, but I’ve been listening&watching to Kpop songs+dramas for about a year (i dont know if that counts as learning or not. hahaha).
    I can read hangul but I can’t have a real Korean conversation yet. lol
    ahh.. ok ok. so it’s 바람 then? thanks! 😀

    I have this idea for my photoshoot involving a temporary tattoo and I want my model to get “기도” tattoo on her left wrist and a “기대” on her right arm. but I guess I have to change the 기대 into 바람 then. ㅋㅋㅋ.

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Yuza,

      Yeah, I reply very fast to my readers! ;-D

      How did you learn to read hangul? Not from drama or songs, right? You learn more like the way I learn too.

      Actually the correct translation for hope is “희망.” “바람” is more like wish and could also mean wind. So if you mean to have hope for everyone, please use “희망.”


  14. Nikka says:

    wow. learning korean in lyrics.
    but can you explain the use of 니까 and 거야 ? thanks 🙂

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Nikka,

      Thanks for stopping by. The use of 니까 and 거야 is as follows:
      When 니까 is attached to the stem of a verb, adjective or the “noun-이다” form, it means because, since or so.
      Example: 이거 좋아하니까 사요.
      I buy this one because I like it.
      The use of verb stem + ㄹ/을 거야 is the intimate form of the structure -ㄹ/을 것이다. It suggests an intend or plan to do something in the future. So we generally translate it as “will”.
      Example: 나는 집에 갈거야
      I will go home.

      Do you get it? I will try to cover these grammar points in other songs when I see them. 🙂



  15. i don’t no to say comment in bahasa korea and english

  16. gmtn96 says:

    I like your page, and your concept it’s totally true, I learn more from song than from the actual study. But, I don’t know if you noticed, but the last rap part is missing from the lyrics
    here it is:
    난 매일 밤 기도해 내 행복 아닌 불행을 위해
    넌 내가 아닌 다른 사랑 못하게
    난 너 아니면 안 돼 내 심장이 널 말해
    나는 변함 없어 다시 태어나도 너만 바래

    다시 태어나도 너만 바래 다시 사랑해도 너만 바래
    돌아올꺼야 돌아올꺼야 니가 없는 나는 없으니까

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi g-myrnet, Thanks for stopping by.  I guess I realized the rap part was missing after it was posted.  Anyway, it’s good that you have it here for the rest to see. 


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