Only in Korea

Posted: September 6, 2009 in music

Hey gals,

I just saw this post about Jaejin kissing Hongki on MBC gag night. It’s almost kind of a culture shock for me(not to mention kind of jealous as well). Here are the pictures:


(pictures taken from primanoona’s site)

Actually it’s hard for me to comment without watching the episode and understand what’s going on. But it’s very interesting to me because here in America, you will never see boy bands being asked to kiss each other. Like I have never seen ‘N Sync’s members ever kissed each other. It’s just so gay and the boys probably won’t agree to it. This is an interesting cultural difference between countries. Actually, I have not seen kissing between members of any of the Taiwanese or Chinese boy bands either. So even in Asia, to me, it’s really not that common. (^.^)

Anyway, I do have to say Jaejin looks like he was genuinely kissing Hongki! Jaejin looked like he was a very gentle kisser and Hong ki definitely didn’t mind it. It’s really cute and definitely make us all very jealous! ^^

Would love to hear what you primadonnas think about this!

  1. natsuki376 says:

    did you see jonghun kissing a girl then? T-T

  2. natsuki376 says:

    cute?!i’m heart-broken! he was my 2nd crush! T-T

    • mwgrace says:

      Wait! Who’s your 1st crush? Wonbin? I guess I say it’s cute because I only see the pictures. When I see the actual episode, I might feel different. :-p

      • Wendy says:

        Hey..Don’t be giving WonBin away. HE’S MINE! 내가 사랑 WonBin!

      • mwgrace says:

        ha ha…Wendy, I am sure we both are happy for you because WonBin will not be on an episode of “Scandal” so you won’t be heartbroken like we are! (^.^)

      • Wendy says:

        My ❤ is already broken. I will wait patiently until MY WonBin comes back. Right now I have a BIGGER CAUSE…bringing JaeBum back to 2PM. 몇시입니까? 그것이 오후 2시!

      • mwgrace says:

        No, I think your heart is now lost with Wonbin ’cause you don’t know where he is. 😛 Why do you always have a thing about guys that leave a band? Do you like them before or after they leave the band? haha…

        지금 12시 51분 이에요. 왜요?

  3. natsuki376 says:

    LOL ^^
    my 1st crush?that’s a secret! hahaha!
    don’t worry wendy, he WAS my crush. yet i gave up on him. its just that i’m not the type who waits people for too long (grace would probably understand what i mean by that) . you can have him. ^^

    • mwgrace says:

      Ok, but Wonbin is your first crush from FT Island, right? 😛

      But you can have Jonghun. 🙂 Let’s see how this “Scandal” progresses!

  4. natsuki376 says:

    grace, i visited ‘him’ again. he post his xtremely cute picture. sooo adorable >_<
    hahaha ^o^

    • mwgrace says:

      Are you going to share the cute pictures? 😛


      • natsuki376 says:

        i’ll try to upload it in my blog(without his permission i guess) -_-
        hopefully he won’t sue me! >_<

      • natsuki376 says:

        he changed his picture before i could take it!!! did he know i was thinking of ‘stealing’ it?
        btw, what’s the meaning of minamja?

      • mwgrace says:

        No way!!!! I want to see it!!!! 😦 Oh well… Next time when you see the pictures, just steal!!! 🙂

        I think mi nam ja as in 미남자? It should mean good looking man. 🙂 Is that the expression for ‘him’? 🙂

      • natsuki376 says:

        ok! i’ll steal it the moment i see it!LOL
        i dont have any basic knowledge on korean, so i’m not sure by the word though. he wrote the word on his page, saying that he is a a minamja. so he’s kinda confident with his look isn’t he?

      • mwgrace says:

        Yes, steal it whenever you see it! 🙂

        Is that what he is using to describe himself? It’s hard to take it out of context and try to figure out what he means. I am sure he is confident of himself. Entertainers needs lots of confidence to stand up on the stage. 🙂

  5. mwgrace says:

    I don’t think he will. If he does, then you will get to see him. 😛

  6. natsuki376 says:

    do you think this is a new picture?coz i never seen it before.

  7. natsuki376 says:

    this time, he use this picture on his page:

    • Wendy says:

      IT’S WONBINNIE!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ 내가 그를 그리워. He looks a bit thin and pale. :0( Come to LA and Omma will feed you. Stay healthy my little one.

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