Ok, sounds like a lot of you are concerned about Oh Won’s Bin’s whereabouts. So the latest is he is doing his solo and is supporting his former bandmate Lee Hong Ki on his latest drama “You’re Beautiful” by singing one of the songs on the OST. The songs is on track #2 and is called “하늘에서 내려와 (Coming Down from the Sky).”

Here is the song if you have not heard of it:

The OST is scheduled to release on Oct 14. I can’t wait to get a copy!

Source: www.allkpop.com

  1. gamu says:

    i’ve listen to dis song..i like it a lot…

    right now busy searching 4 da lyric…anyone..can u share dis song lyric in romanization and translation…tnx..kamsahamnida..

    oh wonbin..i’m missing u to death…hehehehe…i’m really miss him…

    • mwgrace says:

      I will work on this song next so you will have it in a few days. I don’t do the romanization because my point is to help people to really learn Korean. However, there are lots of sites out there with the romanization and you should be able to find them with no problem. 🙂

      Another one that really misses Won Bin. I hope he will have his solo album soon! 🙂

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