Hi all,

As promised, here is the translation of another song from ‘미남이시네요'(You’re Beautiful). This song is called ‘여전히’. I hope you all are enjoying the drama as much as I do. Every week I look forward to Wednesday and Thursday. 🙂 This song is a little harder than the last song ‘Promise’ so I hope you will learn a lot.

We will have Shin Woo and Jeremy to introduce the song. \(^.^)/ I know a lot of girls wish to have a boyfriend like Shin Woo. He is so gentle in the drama!

The video itself here:


사랑은 아닐거라고
(They won’t say it’s love)

절대로 아닐거라고
(It will never be)

매번 속여왔지만 내 맘은 자꾸 너를 부르고
(Every time I deceived myself but my heart always calls for you)

한걸음 도망쳐보고 한걸음 밀어내봐도
(Even thought I tried to run away one step, I tried to push away one step)

그럴 수록 넌 내 안에 커저가고 있어
(The more I was like that, the more you grow bigger inside of me)

그만큼 사랑하나봐 그만큼 기다리나봐
(It seems that I loved you that much. It seems that I waited for you this much)

그토록 아프게 해도 내 맘은 널 떠날 수 없나봐
(Even though it hurts that much, my heart can’t leave you)

사랑은 하나 인가봐
(It seems there is one love.)

내맘은 변치 안나봐
(It seems my heart will not change.)

널 향해 지켜온 사랑 이제는 다만 알 수 있다고
(The love I protected turn towards you now you could just tell)

따뜻한 너의 눈빛이 따뜻한 너의 사랑이
(Your warm eye sight, your warm love)

달아날 수록 내 안에 커져가고 있어
(The more I escape, the more you grow inside of me)

너도 날 사랑 했나봐 너도 날 기다렸나봐
(You too must loved me. You too must waited for me)

그토록 아프게 해도 네 맘은 날 떠날 수 없나봐
(Even thought it hurts that much, my heart can’t seem to leave you)

사랑은 하나 인가봐
(It seems there is one love.)

내맘은 변치 안나봐
(It seems my heart won’t change.)

널 향해 지켜온 사랑 이제는 다만 알 수 있다고
(The love I protected towards you now you could just tell)

널 사랑해
(I love you)

때로는 사랑이 혹은 눈물이
(Sometimes love or tears)

우릴 힘들게 해도
(is making us tired)

사랑해 사랑해 내 곁엔 너만 있으면 돼
(I love you. I love you. If I am next to you, I am fine)

여전히 사랑 하나봐
(It seems I still love you)

여전히 기다리나봐
(It seems I am still waiting for you)

머리를 속여 보아도 가슴은 속일 수는 없나봐
(It seems like I fooled my head but I cannot fool my heart)

사랑은 하나 인가봐
(It seems there is one love)

내맘은 변치 안나봐
(It seems my heart won’t change)

널 향해 지켜온 사랑 이제는 다만 알 수 있다고
(The love I protected turn towards you now you could just tell)

널 사랑해 
(I love you)

절데 – never
속이오다 – deceive, fool, cheat
자꾸 – always
한걸음 – one step
도망치다- run away
밀어내다 – to push away
변치 -change
다만 – merely, only, simply
따뜻한 – warm
눈빛- eye sight
달아날 – escape, run away
때로 -sometimes
혹은 – or
향해 -turn towards, lean towards

Grammar points:
To make a guess using:
descriptive verb and 이다 + ㄴ/은가 봐요
action verb + 나 봐요

For 있다 and 없다 are considered as action verbs and thus use 나 봐요. It can be literally be translated as “it seems”, “I think”, “I guess”,” it looks like”. It is usually used when you infer the possible cause of a situation.

The above is for present tense.

For past tense, it is as follows:
Verb stem + 었/았나 봐(요)

For future tense:
Verb stem + ㄹ/을 건가 봐요

Examples from the lyrics:
1. 그만큼 사랑하나봐
(It seems that I loved you that much.)
2. 그만큼 기다리나봐
(It seems that I waited for you this much)
3. 사랑은 하나 인가봐
(It seems there is one love.)
4. 내맘은 변치 안나봐
(It seems my heart won’t change.)

Other Examples:
1. 오늘 날씨가 더운가 봐요.
It seems that the weather is hot today.

2. 머리 깎으셨나 봐요?
It seems that you got a hair cut.

Please come up with your own examples in the comment section. See you in the next lesson!

  1. lunare says:

    I love your blog ^_^
    Thanks so much for translating 미남이시네요’s OST …
    1. I am sooooo hooked on this drama! ^_^ Jeremy, Shin Woo and Tae Kyung’s “pseudo-dates” with Go Minyu broke my heart a million times over! I know you understand me well ~ hehehe
    2. The songs are amazing ~ they fit the story TOO WELL~ I love your vocabulary and grammar notes at the end btw. It makes the lines/words from the lyrics reusable for me.
    3. Aside from the OST, I adore the dialog so much as well …

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Pretty lunare,

      I am so glad that you like my blog. I am totally hooked on to the drama too. I hope everyday is Wednesday and Thursday! 😉 The scene from the drama keeps replaying in my mind too! Man! I totally could understand you. I am in the same boat.

      Good that I can help you with your Korean somewhat. I benefit a lot myself too. Are you learning Korean too or you just like the dramas and music?

      I spend a lot of time on the little animated intro. 🙂 Actually probably more time than the translation itself. 😉 But I totally enjoyed it. It’s so much fun!

      Please come by often and leave me comments. Maybe even subscribe to my blog or my youtube channel. 🙂

      I am so happy to meet other fans! \(^.^)/


      • lunare says:

        hey grace ^-^

        I am learning Korean too … informally hehe. I’ve been having a hard time keeping my pace up because I easily get distracted by so many good music and dramas!!! That’s why I found your blog a very brilliant site to visit since I can get both my drama/music and Hanggul fix ^-^. You’re superb!

        The animation is entertaining! Haha, nice work there ^-^.
        Looking forward to your next translations~.

        Nice to meet you!!! ^-^

        >>> Lunare

      • mwgrace says:

        Hi Lunare, (that’s not your real name, is it?)

        Good that you are also learning Korean. I am like you who likes Korean music and drama and thus would like to share with people what I learn when I translate lyrics. I am glad to meet you! I am happy that you find the site useful for you. Don’t hesitate to use what you learn and write something in Korean here! 🙂

        Doing the little cartoon video is totally new to me before this blog. But I find it really fun and actually started to spend lots of time on it. I was so proud of myself the first time I did it! \(^.^)/ I am glad you liked it. Sometimes I am not sure if anybody ever reads it here. 🙂 I am now really happy.

        Yeah, I am already working on the next song already. Will be up soon! 🙂

        Very nice meeting you. Please comment often and let me know what you like/dislike. I like talking to other fans! 😉


  2. Wendy says:

    Hi Grace. Thanks for the lessons. Love the drama “You’re Beautiful”. I LOVE JEREMY! I WANT TO BE JOLIE! If I can’t have WonBin then I’ll take HongKi. ❤ ❤ When are you getting another group to go karaoking? I'll practice the A.N Jell songs.

    Dedicated to Wonbin:

    사랑은 하나 인가봐

    내맘은 변치 안나봐

    원빈 사랑해요!!!!!!!!

    Question? Do you have to put 널 in front of 사랑해 for it to say "I love you"? Can't you just say 사랑해요?

    • tunamei says:

      as what I know … you can just use 사랑해요 or just 사랑해!
      hope that helps!

    • mwgrace says:

      ha ha…I know. I want to be Jolie too!! He is so cute! I think you can so have Won Bin!!! 😉

      I don’t know when I will get another group to Karaoke. Wanna join? I thought I just did on like two weeks ago, right? I sang Still last time so this time I hope to sing “Promise”. 🙂

      You don’t have to use 널 if who you are talking to is understood. So usually in conversation, you just say 사랑해 or 사랑해요.

      • Wendy says:

        감사합니당! I’m waiting for YeSung to finish up with SuJu and go save his twin sister from the evil witch, Yoo HeYi . 빨리 빨리.


  3. tunamei says:

    Thank you very much for translation! I love the drama and wish the Wednesday and Thursday can come sooner each week !

  4. yunnie says:

    i googled ‘learn korean through lyrics’ then tada your wordpress:D
    are you korean? just curious =)

    btw is it compulsory learn to romanise if we want to learn korean?

    do koreans know how to romanise?

    sorry if this seems like a silly question

    anyway love you site. i have been searching everywhere for a site like this.aza aza fighting!

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Yunnie,

      Welcome to my blog! I didn’t even know my blog comes out as #1 with my search keywords. That’s really good news to me. Thank you so much! \(^.^)/

      I am not Korean. 🙂 That’s why I am learning Korean but not to say there are some Koreans that were born outside of Korea and are learning their own language. :-p My intention of the blog is to share with everyone my journey of learning Korean through lyrics and hopefully everyone share’s theirs as well. I think it’s more fun to learn Korean this way than just sitting in a classroom and listen to your teacher which I still do. 🙂 So where are you from?

      I have never learned romanization as I learned Korean. It’s mostly for people who doesn’t want to learn to real hangul but still want to pronounce Korean. But as true learners of the language, knowing how to read hangul is a must. I don’t think Koreans learn romanization themselves. 😉 In fact, I don’t even know where you learn romanization. I thought it’s just people making it up. ha ha…. 🙂 That’s also the reason why I don’t include romanization in my blog because I don’t know it. haha… But more important is to actually learn to read Korean. I think you know the pronunciation when you hear the song.

      No, your questions are not silly questions. If you have never learned Korean, it’s natural that you don’t know. But I hope you will start learning Korean with me here. 🙂 However, I have to say you might have a little hard time because I am writing it from my level of Korean. So for beginners, some words you might not know or some simple grammar you might not understand but I already assume everyone knows. So if you have problems, please feel free to ask.

      Thank you for all of your kind words. I will keep on working harder. Fighting! I know there are people out there who would find this site useful for their learning in Korean. So I will try harder to marketing the blog so more people can find this blog. I am glad that you find me on Google! 😉 Please stop by and leave me comments often and better yet, subscribe to my blog or my youtube channel so you know when I have new posts.


  5. yunnie says:

    i am a malaysian. both my parents are malaysian chinese.

    lol i used quite so time on romanisation. sigh..

    thanks for the reply 😀

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Yunnie,

      Very cool. Nice meeting another Malaysian on my site. 🙂

      Well, I encourage you to learn to read Hangul so you don’t need romanization anymore. 🙂

      Please come by often and leave me comments.


  6. natsuki376 says:

    just dropping by to say hi! ^^
    sorry I haven’t contacted you for a long time. been busy with my writing.
    and i’m quite worried about my linguistics paper (will I passed it???)
    anyway, jalga means goodbye, isn’t it?

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Nasuki,

      Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I am watching episode 14 now. I really like the part that Jeremy confesses and cries. His acting skills were good. I guess you haven’t seen that episode yet, right?

      I am sure you will do well with your paper. Just do your best, ok?

      잘가(jalga) means go well. They usually use it for sending off. You can use it in place of goodbye. 🙂


      • natsuki376 says:

        oh…i see.
        so it’s like have a ‘nice trip’/ ‘see you later’ then?

        yeah, i haven’t seen it yet, but i’ve started to watch ep 13 already.

        yeah, I hope I passed the paper so I don’t have to repeat it! >_<

      • mwgrace says:

        Yeah, just a sendoff message to mean go well.

        Actually you are not that far behind. I am sure you will catch up soon. 🙂

        Let me know how you did with your paper! 🙂

      • natsuki376 says:

        p/s: I forget to tell you: I talked about you in my blog. hope you didn’t mind!

      • mwgrace says:

        Really? What did you say?


  7. natsuki376 says:

    I passed the paper!!! (though I got C+ for it. T-T)

    wanna know wat i said bout you?hehehe. you just have to check it out yourself! ^^


  8. Jay says:

    stumbled onto this blog. n its really great! was looking for hangul lyrics of beast’s oasis. n it led me to this site. anyway, song lyrics r really a great way to learn a new language. i mostly learned how to read chinese thru singing chinese songs. will bookmark this blog.

    p/s. so sad that YB is finished. i need more jeremy, shinwoo n TK!

    maybe u can help with finding beast’s oasis hangul lyrics? 😉

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Jay,

      I am glad that you stumbled onto my blog and you liked it. To be frank, I am not familiar with Beast’s Oasis. Are they new? If you have a special song title, I will see if I am able to find the hangul and translate it. I want to know if this group is any good. 🙂

      You are learning Chinese? I was thinking of maybe writing a similar blog to help people learn Chinese. It’s funny. Do you think many people would like it?

      My local Korean Channel is showing “You’re Beautiful” so I might watch it all over again on TV. It’s cool. I can never get enough of Jeremy, Shinwoo and TK!!! 😀


  9. Mr. Reindeer says:

    Hello 😀
    I was researching on You’re Beautiful lyrics when I chanced upon your blog. It is fantastic. Esp the videos and the translation. Can I ask a few questions? I am really interested to learn Korean, and to began to read on the Hangul Alphabet system first, then i went to research on the artistes’ names.

    I have always wanted to ask the following questions, but was unable to find the person to ask:

    1. why is lee (surname) written as, 이 ? The initial O is silent, isn’t the l only ‘i’ ? Wouldn’t the word be pronounced wrongly?

    2. why is hwa written as, 화? ㅎis ‘h’, ㅗ is ‘o’ and ㅏ is ‘a’, so the word ought to be pronounced as hoa? are the w (s) supposed to become o(s)?

    3. Are Korean names edited to be pronounced more easily when written in English? For example: Jang Geun Seok becomes Jang Geun Suk and Bak Sin Hye becomes Park Shin Hye

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Mr. Reindeer,

      Very nice to meet you. I am glad that you found my blog and liked it. \(^.^)/ I am glad that you like the video. I spent a lot of time to design the dialog and I hope people do like them. (^.^)

      I am glad that you are interested in Korean and fuse your interest in music with your learning. I think that’s great. Ok, let me answer your questions.

      1. The surname lee in South Korea is commonly spelled as 이 and pronounced as “e” or “yi.” In North Korea, it’s more spelled as “리” and pronounced as “Lee.” You can say that it is not technically pronounced correctly as 이 but they all know the underlying chinese character is still 李, which by the way according to Wikipedia is the world’s most common surname. (^.^) Koreans do know how to write their names in Chinese because sometimes even the characters sounds alike, the underlying Chinese character is not the same.
      2. The pronunciation of the diphthong 와 is wa. When you quickly say 오 and 아, it sounds like “wa”. Therefore, the word 화 is pronounced as “hwa.”
      3. I do think Koreans edit their names so it’s easier to be pronounced in English. Say the word Seok as in Jang Geun Seok, for English speakers without knowledge of Korean will think it could be pronounced as “Se-ok.” But in Korean it’s one word and it’s compress to sound like “Suk”. So it’s easier to spell as the way it should be pronounced to avoid confusion.

      Thank you for your good questions. Please feel free to ask any questions you have and come back often! (^.^)


  10. Dana says:

    I love this song and I want to learn to sing it, but I really don’t know any Korean…is it possible for you to add romanized version of the lyrics too?

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Dana,

      Thanks for stopping by. Here is the lyrics in romanized version:

      sa rang eun a nil geo ra go
      jeol dae ro a nil geo ra go
      mae beon sog yeo wat ji man nae mam eun ja kku neo reur bu reu go
      han geor eum do mang chyeo bo go han geor eum mir eo nae bwa do
      geu reor su rog neon nae an e keo jeo ga go iss eo

      geu man keum sa rang ha na bwa geu man keum gi da ri na bwa
      geu to rog a peu ge hae do nae mam eun neor tteo nar su eopt na bwa
      sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
      nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
      neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go

      tta tteut han neo ui nun bic i tta tteut han neo ui sa rang i
      dar a nar su rog nae an e keo jyeo ga go iss eo

      neo do nar sa rang haet na bwa neo do nar gi da ryeot na bwa
      geu to rog a peu ge hae do ne mam eun nar tteo nar su eopt na bwa
      sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
      nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
      neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
      neor sa rang hae

      ttae ro neun sa rang i hog eun nun mur i
      u rir him deul ge hae do
      sa rang hae sa rang hae nae gyeot en neo man iss eu myeon dwae

      yeo jeon hi sa rang ha na bwa
      yeo jeon hi gi da ri na bwa
      meo ri reur sog yeo bo a do ga seum eun sog ir su neun eopt na bwa
      sa rang eun ha na in ga bwa
      nae mam eun byeon chi an na bwa
      neor hyang hae ji kyeo on sa rang i je neun da man ar su it da go
      neor sa rang hae

      (Taken out from http://wawaisme.blogspot.com/)

  11. aeselle says:

    hi grace,

    i was just googling for the lyrics of ‘still’ when i chanced upon your site. cool!

    what’s more amazing is your dedicated response to every comment left by the visitors to your site.. like many others, i’m inspired to learn korean after having watch several korean series.. falling short of signing up for class, how do u reckon i should start?


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Aeselle,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. Sorry I haven’t been updating much since I met with FT Island. I must still be in FT Island coma.

      I really try to reply to every comment since you guys take the time to leave me a comment. I want to make friends with all my readers. 🙂

      To start learning Korean, if you don’t have time to take a class, there are several resources that you can use. If you don’t mind spending money, I find Rosetta Stone really good. I am doing it myself too. It helps you pronounce correctly without a teacher helping you. For free resources, you can use visitkorea.or.kr. Under Culture and then learn Korean, you can attend their beginner lesson and learn your way up. It will teach you basics of hangul so you can read Korean. I think that’s great. There is also Koreanclass101.com as a podcast that I do also. You can listen and learn phrases. But I think it’s better if you have some basic idea of Korean. And of course, don’t forget to visit my site to add in some fun in learning so you can learn with pop songs that you like! 🙂

      Please come back often and better yet, subscribe to my blog! 🙂 Don’t forget to leave me a comment when you visit. 😉


  12. […] you guys still remember the use of ㄴ/는 가봐? It was covered in lesson 8! Please revise and visit that lesson if you do not remember. It’s good to go back and revise […]

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