Happy Birthday to Lee Jae Jin

Posted: December 18, 2009 in music, Uncategorized
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Today, December 17 is our Lee Jae Jin’s birthday! 축하 합니다!! Happy 18th Birthday!

  1. Jooyoung says:

    Long time no see…
    I miss you so much!

    By the way, you’ve been posting a lot!!
    WoW awesome!

    I guess you’ve already watched ‘Minam~’ drama, haven’t you?
    How was the Honggi’s acting? What’s his character? I haven’t watched it yet. We can talk about that drama later.

    Take care and I’ll send you email later~~

    • mwgrace says:

      Dear Jooyoung!!!!

      I am so happy to see you here. Did you get my ecard? I thought you said you cannot access my blog? Did something changed? Anyway, I missed you so much too! Since you left, I think my Korean is definitely going down especially spoken Korean. T.T

      I probably didn’t post often enough cause I have been watching Hong Ki’s drama. (^.^) I am already watching it the second time. Of course my Hong Ki acted well. He was so cute. He even said his character is like 70% of him in real life. His character is somebody happy go easy, carefree and cute!!! Along the process, there is no way but also fall in love with the other guys too especially Taekyung (Jang Geun Suk). But don’t worry, nobody can challenge Hong Ki yet because nobody comes close to his voice! \(^.^)/

      I will be looking for your email, ok? Happy New Year!!!


  2. Qixochitl says:


    I just came across your site and I think it is really interesting that you’re teaching people Korean using this method.

    I’ve also seen You’re Beautiful and I really loved it! And because of these drama’s I wanted to learn Korean also. But I’m afraid it will be quite difficult for me to learn a language just by the lyrics of a song. I think I’ll come back when I have obtained some basic knowledge.

    Bye 🙂

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Quxochitl,

      Thanks for stopping by and leave me a comment.

      Well, this blog is not really meant for beginning Korean learners. In the about section, you will see that I explained it’s more like for intermediate Korean learners because that’s the level I am at. I am not even teaching people Korean. I am just sharing my journey of learning Korean and I always welcome people to correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

      I am glad that you liked “You’re Beautiful” like the rest of us. It’s a really cute drama.

      I think it will be beneficial for you to go and attend some beginning Korean class. Then you will realize learning from songs just helps you in some vocabularies and grammars. It’s probably just another way to learn Korean and practice. It should not be the only way. I do attend Korean class myself too.

      Anyway, happy learning Korean! Stop by some time soon! 🙂


  3. natsuki376 says:

    this one was written by jaejin himself on one of his page(which page it is?it’s a secret!):
    “FT Island will be having our very first concert in Manila on March 6 @ PICC Plenary Hall.. Ticket sales and reservations are on going … See you all Primadonnas there 😀 ”

    grace,are you going to see them there or not? LOL

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