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I am sure a lot of hallyu fans like me knows about Park Yong Ha. He is definitely one of the first hallyu stars who started the Korean wave. To me, it started when I first watched “Winter Sonata.” It was very well made with lots of twists and turns. He acted very well as Sang-Hyuk and I also watched his more recent drama “On Air.” I like that drama too. When I heard the he committed suicide, I was so shocked. Needless to say, I don’t feel good at all.

I know that Park sings as well and is very famous in Japan. I want to have my own tribute to him and translate one of his songs. I have to admit I don’t listen to him very much but I do know he sings in some drama OSTs. So I started looking them up and eventually I found one song that I know. It’s the OST song of “All In” which I watched. The song is called “처음 그 날처럼” meaning “just like the first day.”

Let’s see Park Yong Ha singing it live once more:


Verse 1:
가야한다고 어쩔 수 없다고
(You said you had to leave. You said you had no choice)

너의 손 잡은채 나는 울고만 있었지
(While I hold your hand, I was only crying)

언젠가는 꼭 돌아올거라고
(Someday you said you would surely come back)

그땐 우린 서로 웃을 수 있을거라고
(Then you said we will be able to laugh at each other)

긴 기다림은 내겐 사랑을 주지만
(Although the long wait gave me love)

너에겐 아픔만 남긴 것 같아
(To you, it seems to only leave you pain)

이런 날 용서해
(Forgive me this)

바보같은 날
(Silly me)

언젠가 널 다시 만날 그 날이 오면
(Someday I will meet you again. When that day comes,)

너를 내품에 안고 말할꺼야
(I will tell you in my arms)

너만이 내가 살아온 이유였다고
(You were the only reason I lived)

너없인 나도 없다고
(Without you, there is no me)

언젠가 힘든 이 길이 끝이 나는 날
(Someday when this difficult road ends)

그대 곁에서 내가 눈 감는 날
(I close my eyes next to you)

기억해 나의 사랑은 니가 마지막이였단걸
(Remembering you were my last love)

처음 그 날 처럼..
(Just like the first day)

Verse 2:
눈을 감으면 잊어져 버릴까
(If I close my eyes, will I forget you?)

슬픈 밤에도 쉽게 잠들 수 없었지
(I could not easily fall asleep on those sad nights)

꿈에서라도 널 보게 된다면
(Even in my dreams if I can see you)

눈물 흐를까봐 눈을 뜰 수가 없었어
(I fear I will have tears falling. I could not open my eyes)

Repeat Chorus


어쩔 수 없다 – It can’t be helped. You have no choice.
언젠가 – Someday
꼭 – surely, certainly, undoubtedly
서로 – each other
긴 기다림은 – long wait
용서해 – forgive
내품 – my breast literally but it means my arms in usage
이유 – reason
끝 – end
기억해 – remember
마지막 – last
잊어져 버리-forget
쉽게 – easily
눈을 감다 – close one’s eyes
눈을 뜨다 – open one’s eyes

Grammar point:
Action verb + ㄴ/은 채(로)
It means “just as it is”, “while doing”, “being in the state of”.
This construction indicates a state or a condition in which an action occurs.

Example from the lyrics:

너의 손 잡은채 나는 울고만 있었지
While I hold your hand, I was only crying

More examples:
1. 안경을 쓴 채 잤다.
I went to bed with my glasses on.

2. 옷을 입은 채로 사우나에 들어가지 마.
Don’t go into sauna with your clothes on.

Please don’t forget to comment and make your own sentences.

Hi all,

I guess some of you may want to know what the Chinese version of “Still(As Ever)” and learn what the song is about. Here is the beginning of Chinese through lyrics. haha…

一個人的日子太久 都忘了相處的節奏
(It’s been a while since I have been by myself. I forget the rhythm of being with other people.)

不是故意要冷漠 是不敢相信你也喜歡我
(It’s not trying to be cool. It’s I can’t believe you like me too.)

其實我都在妳身後 看著妳為了我難過
(In fact I have always been behind you. Looking at you feeling bad because of me.)

不願再錯過 我只想給妳更多更多
(I don’t want to miss out anymore. I just want to give you more and more.)

想這樣牽著妳的手 手心傳送我的溫柔
(I want to just hold your hand like this. Sending you my tenderness through my palms.)

覆蓋妳所有的寂寞 每一天都有我陪妳渡過
(Cast away all your loneliness. Everyday you have me to spend the day with.)

就這樣牽著妳的手 感受妳給的小幽默
(Like this holding your hands. Feeling the humor you give me.)

每一個盛夏和寒冬 我陪妳一起開心到永久
(Every hot summer and cold winter, I will be with you happily forever.)

抱歉一直讓妳難過 期待後又給了失落
(I am sorry that I make you feel bad. Giving you hope and then take it away.)

是我太退縮 想給承諾卻開不了口
(It’s because I am a coward. I want to give you a promise but I cannot open my mouth.)

想這樣牽著妳的手 手心傳送我的溫柔
(I want to just hold your hand like this. Sending you my tenderness through my palms.)

覆蓋妳所有的寂寞 每一天都有我陪妳渡過
(Cast away all your loneliness. Everyday you have me to spend the day with.)

就這樣牽著妳的手 感受妳給的小幽默
(Like this holding your hands. Feeling the humor you give me.)

每一個盛夏和寒冬 我陪妳一起開心到永久 (널사랑해)
(Every hot summer and cold winter, I will be with you happily forever. I love you.)

謝謝你沒走開 一直都還在
(Thanks that you never leave, always be there.)

現在一起到未來 陪著妳 陪著我
(From now to forever, with you, with me.)

決定了 就只牽妳的手
(I have made up my mind. I will only hold your hand.)

想這樣牽著妳的手 手心傳送我的溫柔
(I want to just hold your hand like this. Sending you my tenderness through my palms.)

有我的陪伴不寂寞 我不想錯過妳的每分鐘
(With me around you will never feel lonely. I don’t want to miss any minute being with you.)

就這樣牽著妳的手 我最想牽的妳的手
(I want to just hold your hand like this. I want to hold your hands the most.)

每一個微笑和失落 我都會陪著妳一起渡過 (널사랑해)
(Every smile and frown, I will be with you together forever. I love you.)

I hope you enjoyed this translation. 🙂 Please comment and let me know if you want to see more of this. (^.^)

Hi all,

The official video premiere on Channel V of the Chinese version of “Still(As Ever)” – 牽著妳的手. I am so excited when I see this. This has the subtitle in Chinese so I can know what Hong Ki is singing. Seriously, without the subtitle, I cannot understand what he is singing in some parts. The chorus is easy to understand, it’s the verse that I was having a little trouble with. haha… But Hong Ki’s accent is very cute! I love it!

For just the audio and the lyrics, please visit here.

Now I really want to watch the drama all over again ’cause it’s just so cute! 😀 I hope the fan in Taiwan is enjoying it!

I had to share this with you all as I finally found the video of “Holding your hands” by Lee Hong Ki on youtube! OMG! I am so impressed! I have to say he’s hard to understand because of his pronunciation. Consider he only learned Chinese for a few hours and then he recorded this song, it’s not bad at all. ^^

Do you guys like this? Please leave your comments! \(^.^)/ I see this video and I really miss Jolie and Jeremy!

Hi all,

Just read the post that Taiwan be will airing “You’re Beautiful” in July and Hong Ki will be singing the song “Still(As Ever)” in Chinese. The name of the song is called “Holding your hands”. It’s so cute to hear him singing in Chinese!! 🙂 I can’t wait!!!

Also, there will be a Taiwanese version of Jolie to star in the MV. It’s going to be so cute. I am so waiting for the MV to come out. Stay tune! Once I found it, I will post it here! 🙂

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed the post on the FT Island Hong Kong Showcase concert. At first I was going to go to Taiwan to see FT Island in concert but since the tickets were sold out in an hour, I couldn’t get it. Thus I went to their Hong Kong concert. But I still went to Taiwan ’cause I already bought the plane ticket. And then I knew that they would have a fan handshaking event. Luckily I was able to get to go to that one. So I want to share with you all the details.

The concert was on Feb 27 and I was determined to go to the concert venue to at least see the fans and see how the concert went. The concert was in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall which was a tourist area. And at that time, they had a lantern festival because it’s Chinese New Year. The concert was at 6:30pm but I got there during the day and there was a line already. Here is how long the line was:

FT Island Concert line

Anyway, all in all, there were just a lot of people because of the concert and the lantern festival.

Pictures of the lantern festival:Tiger Lantern

Flowers for FT Island:
Flowers for FT Island

The fans lining up for the bonuses that came with their concert tickets:
FT Island Ticket Bonus

Anyway, I went back to the Memorial Hall later at night to try to catch FT Island after the concert. Here is a look at the lanterns which was now lit. They were very pretty.
night lantern
Night lantern

Anyway, since I couldn’t go to the concert. There was not much I can report on it. I actually got to meet them on Feb 28. It was supposed to be a handshaking event but then they changed it to a signing event. And even worst, they changed it again right before to a stamping event. They said fans before hurt the band members’ hands and they couldn’t play the instruments. So they had to change it to a signing event and eventually into a stamping event ’cause I guess even signing hurts their hands.

The stamping event was held in Breeze Center. Lots of fans lined up early for this event:
Fans lining up

The end of the fan line

fans taking pictures of their signs

Fans all waiting outside

Primadonna Signs

After much of a waiting under the red hot sun, FT Island finally arrived.
FT Island Arrived at the stamping event

The MC asked a few questions and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jaejin and Hongki.


After that, stamping really began. We were not allowed to take pictures when we went up to them. How sad! We were told to drop off our stuff in each band member’s bag if we had things for them.
Stamping begins

I actually was able to tell each of the band member in Korean that I came from the US to see them. They were kind of surprised and happy. I was surprised and happy because they could understand my Korean!! YEAH! More motivation for me to learn Korean! 😉

So here is my friend’s stamped product. I didn’t take a picture of mine because Seung Hyun’s stamp didn’t come out in mine.
Stamped Product

Here is actually what the local newspaper said about the concert:
Taiwan newspaper articule on FT Island's concert

The paper report that the concert went really well and FT Island promised Taiwan fans to go back later. How lucky are the Taiwanese fans! I wish I could be there in the future!

Anyway, I hope I will be able to see FT Island again somewhere in the future.