Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed the post on the FT Island Hong Kong Showcase concert. At first I was going to go to Taiwan to see FT Island in concert but since the tickets were sold out in an hour, I couldn’t get it. Thus I went to their Hong Kong concert. But I still went to Taiwan ’cause I already bought the plane ticket. And then I knew that they would have a fan handshaking event. Luckily I was able to get to go to that one. So I want to share with you all the details.

The concert was on Feb 27 and I was determined to go to the concert venue to at least see the fans and see how the concert went. The concert was in the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall which was a tourist area. And at that time, they had a lantern festival because it’s Chinese New Year. The concert was at 6:30pm but I got there during the day and there was a line already. Here is how long the line was:

FT Island Concert line

Anyway, all in all, there were just a lot of people because of the concert and the lantern festival.

Pictures of the lantern festival:Tiger Lantern

Flowers for FT Island:
Flowers for FT Island

The fans lining up for the bonuses that came with their concert tickets:
FT Island Ticket Bonus

Anyway, I went back to the Memorial Hall later at night to try to catch FT Island after the concert. Here is a look at the lanterns which was now lit. They were very pretty.
night lantern
Night lantern

Anyway, since I couldn’t go to the concert. There was not much I can report on it. I actually got to meet them on Feb 28. It was supposed to be a handshaking event but then they changed it to a signing event. And even worst, they changed it again right before to a stamping event. They said fans before hurt the band members’ hands and they couldn’t play the instruments. So they had to change it to a signing event and eventually into a stamping event ’cause I guess even signing hurts their hands.

The stamping event was held in Breeze Center. Lots of fans lined up early for this event:
Fans lining up

The end of the fan line

fans taking pictures of their signs

Fans all waiting outside

Primadonna Signs

After much of a waiting under the red hot sun, FT Island finally arrived.
FT Island Arrived at the stamping event

The MC asked a few questions and we sang “Happy Birthday” to Jaejin and Hongki.


After that, stamping really began. We were not allowed to take pictures when we went up to them. How sad! We were told to drop off our stuff in each band member’s bag if we had things for them.
Stamping begins

I actually was able to tell each of the band member in Korean that I came from the US to see them. They were kind of surprised and happy. I was surprised and happy because they could understand my Korean!! YEAH! More motivation for me to learn Korean! 😉

So here is my friend’s stamped product. I didn’t take a picture of mine because Seung Hyun’s stamp didn’t come out in mine.
Stamped Product

Here is actually what the local newspaper said about the concert:
Taiwan newspaper articule on FT Island's concert

The paper report that the concert went really well and FT Island promised Taiwan fans to go back later. How lucky are the Taiwanese fans! I wish I could be there in the future!

Anyway, I hope I will be able to see FT Island again somewhere in the future.

  1. Wendy says:

    The reason they were surprised was here’s this Chinese girl speaking Korean and coming all the way from the US to see them. I’d be surprised too. Looked like you had a fun time. Let’s get together when they go to Bangkok. I saw 2PM in Center World…so sad the place burned down.

    • mwgrace says:

      I guess they can’t tell I am not Korean from looking at me. They probably think I am Korean American anyway. ha ha….

      What place get burned down? What did you do? 😛


  2. vampwolf says:

    im so surprised reading this post . omg its amazing to see your favorite stars . i want to see them someday too. hey grace i really need to talk to you soon . im so excited . please set a time to chat soon . im eagerly waiting.annyong onni..

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Vamwolf,

      Yeah, it’s amazing to meet FT Island in person. 🙂 I hope you will get to see them someday too. And don’t forget to speak Korean to them like I did. That’s my study goal! 😛

      At what time zone are you? How would you like to talk? Are you on YM? We can talk on YM. Let me know what time is good for you! 😉 Can’t wait!


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