Lee Hong Ki won the top spot as the top idol with eye smiles

Posted: October 8, 2010 in music, rock
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I just read about this post and know that Lee Hong Ki was voted by Chinese netizens as the top Korean idol with eye smiles. Congratulations to Hong Ki! I think he totally has a killer smile. 🙂

Here is the list:
No. 1 – Hongki (FT Island)
No. 2 – Nickhun (2PM)
No. 3 – Donghae (Super Junior)
No. 4 – Yonghwa (CNBlue)
No. 5 – Leeteuk (Super Junior)
No. 6 – Jang Geun Suk
No. 7 – Sungmin (Super Junior)
No. 8 – Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
No. 9 – Onew (SHINee)
No. 10 – G-Dragon (Big Bang)
No. 11 – KiBum (Super Junior)
No. 12 – Kim Bum
No. 13 – Taeyang (Big Bang)
No. 14 – Minhyuk (CNBlue)
No. 15 – Taemin (SHINee)
No. 16 – Jinwoon (2AM)
No. 17 – Kangin (Super Junior)
No. 18 – Jo Kwon (2AM)
No. 19 – Daesung (Big Bang)
No. 20 – Junho (2PM)

I noticed most of the idols are from music bands and very few are actors from dramas. Only Jang Geun Suk and Kim Bum are actors. I like them both. Both have very cute smiles! 🙂

What do you all think? Please comment and share.

  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace!

    Yes, HongKi is definitely number one for his beautiful smile that lights up his eyes. But on my list, it’s a tie for top place between him and Jang Geun Suk. JGS has such a killer smile too, it’s hard to choose who’s first.

    And guess who’s number 2 on my list……. Seung Hyun of FT Island! I recently discovered that his smile can really make your heart melt! I chanced upon this program on Youtube called Magnae Rebellion, and Seung Hyun is very very cute in there. There are many episodes and some are really hilarious! I’m still watching the later episodes ( i think there are 15 episodes altogether).

    Kim Bum is my number 3. He was my favourite F4 in Boys Over Flowers. He’s such a good actor too.

    But my current favourite is Seung Hyun…. he’s really adorable. And tall. And cool too when he plays the guitar and when he raps. =)


    • mwgrace says:

      Hong Ki is my number one!!!! I know JGS is very close for me too!! Seung Hyun really rocks your world! 😉 I watched a little bit of the Magnae Rebellion but not really much to know more about anybody.

      Kim Bum is also my favorite from F4! He is so cute! Did you watch “Dream?”


      • Janie says:

        No, haven’t heard of Dream. Besides BOF, I’ve only watched Kim Bum in East of Eden where he acted as the younger version of the main character. He acted so well!! I watched East of Eden just for him! I didn’t watch the rest of the episodes once his role ended, even tho it’s supposed to be really good. haha.

        And I did the same thing for Jang Geun Suk in Hwang Jini. He’s only in the first 9 episodes ( won’t tell you why cos i don’t want to give any spoilers). He looks so young and fresh-faced and CUTE! His acting was superb as well. Made me cry buckets of tears. I didn’t watch any more episodes once he wasn’t in it. I wonder if I’ll ever watch the whole of these 2 series one day.

        If you like Jong Hoon, you should watch the last episode of Maknae Rebellion (ep 15). He and Seung Hyun played acoustic guitars together and it was so cool. I’ve just finished watching the whole thing and it’s so entertaining.

        Ok will go look for “Dream” now. Thanks for mentioning it! Will check it out for cutie Kim Bum. Chat again soon.


      • mwgrace says:

        Hi Janie,

        “Dream” is the drama series that Kim Bum acted as a fighter. I watched it and also translated a song here as well. You will like it. He looks very cute in the drama. However, it’s hard to believe Kim has a fighter as he is too skinny for that role. But lots of scenes of him not having a shirt. ;-P

        I also wanted to watch “Hwang Jin Yi” just to watch JGS as well. I think I kind of started on Episode 1 but haven’t had time to go on Episode 2 yet. I think I had problems finding it on youtube. They all get taken down. The first time I saw news of “Hwang Jin Yi” I already noticed the cute first lover. But I just thought he was a kid. 🙂 Now he is all grown up! 🙂

        I will want to watch episode 15 then. Is it easy to find on youtube?


  2. monica says:

    Definitely undebatable! 😀 ..but wait..where’s Choi Jonghun? 😦

  3. Janie says:

    Oh sorry, Jong Hoon and Seung Hyun playing the guitar is in Episode 14, not 15, of Maknae Rebellion. I’ve just watched it again…. Seung Hyun’s smile really makes my heart melt…..sigh.

    Episode 15 has Hong Ki teaching Seung Hyun how to act. Hong Ki and Jong Hoon look like such good “hyung”s. =)


  4. Janie says:


    Yes it’s easy to find Maknae Rebellion on Youtube. Look for episode 14 for the guitar playing. It’s not ep15. I remembered wrongly. In Ep 14, one other member of each group joins the maknae, and Jong Hoon is the one from FT Island to join Seung Hyun.

    I watched Hwang Jini on mysoju, I think. Not youtube. And JGS is in maybe only the first 7 episodes, not 9. My memory is failing me, haha.

    Hope you find them and enjoy!


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      Thanks for the clear instruction on how to find those episodes. I tried watching ep. 15 yesterday but didn’t really find it interesting. I will try ep. 14 and see how it goes.

      I also want to watch “Hwang Jin Yi” for sure. 🙂

      Did you find “Dream” yet?


  5. Janie says:

    Yes, Dream is on mysoju! Yay! Will start watching it this weekend.

  6. REGINA says:

    Hie! I saw my favourite boy, Taemin is number 15! HAha its quite not bad, but hope he is on the top 10. ):

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