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I hope you guys had a good Thanksgiving. As you all know, Oh won bin had a new song as I shared here before. So I thought it would be nice to cover his song “I love you and I love you” in this lesson.

Let’s see the introduction:

The official video:


Won bin:
사랑해 또 사랑해
(I love you and I love you)

그렁그렁 눈물만 흐르네
(suffused with tears that falls)

Loving you oh loving you
always always oh loving you

Girl Rap:
뒤돌아보지 말고 제발 날 떠나줘
(Don’t look back and please leave me)

날 찾지 말아줘
(Don’t look for me)

흔들리는 내 맘 붙잡을 수 있게
(My shaky heart can be held)

마지막 인사란 말도
(Don’t say the last farewell)

안녕이란 그 말도
(And don’t say goodbye)

bye bye 끝나버린 내 사랑
(bye bye the love that ended completely)

Won Bin:
oh 영원할 줄 알았던 우리 사랑
(oh I used to think our love would be forever)

눈빛만으로 통했던 사랑
(the love that used to communicate through our eyes)

우리가 이렇게 될줄은 몰랐어
(I don’t know how we became like this)

내가 원했던 건 이런게 아닌데
(This is not what I wanted)

어디서부터 잘못된 건데
(Where did it begin to go wrong?)

하나부터 열까지 다
(From first thing to last time all)

꼬이고 또 꼬였어
(tangled and tangled)

헝클어진 내 머릭카락처럼 oh
(like my hair is tangled)

Girl Rap:
나도 뭐가 뭔지모르겠어 니 말대로
(I too don’t know what is what like you said)

어디서부터 뭐가 잘못된 건지
(Whether it is who’s fault)

누구의 잘못도 아냐 이건
(It is not about whose fault it is)

누구의 책임도 아냐 이건
(It is not about who’s responsibility it is)

그래 사랑에도 유통기한이 있다면 그 말이 맞다면
(If it’s true the saying that love has an expiration date)

[그 말이 맞다면]
(If that saying is correct)

이건 우리 서로가 오랜 시간 속에서
(This our love for each other within this long time)

알게 모르게 사랑이 변해버린것
(knowingly not knowingly love has changed completely)

Back to Chorus and Girl rap

Won bin:
시간을 돌리고 싶어 [want go back]
(I want to turn time)

다시 너를 안고 싶어 [wanna go back]
(I want to hug you one more time)

우리 처음 만나 설레였던 그 때
(The time we first time with thrill)

바라보기만 해도 좋았던 그 때
(the time that we were good even only gazing)

나 그때를 가끔 상상해
(I sometimes image that times)

안절부절 몸부림 쳐대
(I struggled restlessly)

현실은 지금 이게 아닌데
(In reality now it’s not like that)

마지막 지금 이 손을 놓지못해
(At last, I can’t let go of your hands)

Girl Rap:
나도 시간을 거꾸로 돌리고 싶고
(I too want to turn back the time)

처음과는 너무도 변한 내가 싫고
(I dislike the me that has changed excessively from the beginning)

but you’ve been now we should we should let it go
이제는 끝이야 돌아갈 수 없는 걸
(Now it is the ending you cannot go back)

이미 틀어져버린 우리 사이
(It’s already completely broken between us)

메꿀 수 없는 틈이 너무 많이
(The crack so big that cannot be filled)

벌어져 버렸어 baby just let it go
(It’s completely cracked)

흐르는 눈물은 지워 baby
(Wipe out your falling tears)

Go back to Chorus and girl rap

This song will make you cry
This song makes me cry
This song will make you cry
This song makes me cry

미안해 또 미안해
(I am sorry and I am sorry)

떠나보낸 내 사랑 미안해
(I send away our love. I am sorry.)

Missing you oh missing you
always always oh missing you

사랑해 또 사랑해
(I love you and I love you)

사람 마음이란게
(People’s heart are like this)

우리 뜻대로 움직인다면 얼마나 좋을까
(It would be good if we could change the position according to our intentions)

Loving you oh loving you
always always oh loving you

1. 그렁그렁 – full to the brim or tearfully
2. 뒤돌아보지 – look back, turn your head, turn around
3. 붙잡 – take hold of, hold on to, grasp, grab
4. 하나부터 열까지 – first and last, everything from A to Z
5. 꼬이 – get twisted together tight
6. 헝클 – tangle, entangle
7. 책임 – responsibility
8. 유통기한 – expiration date
9. 돌리 – turn, spin, change
10. 설레 – (my heart) flutter
11. 상상해 – imagine, picture, figure out, fancy
12. 안절부절 – restlessly
13. 몸부림 쳐 – struggle
14. 거꾸로 – upside down
15. 틀어져버린 -completely broken, completely fall through
16. 메꿀 – filled
17. 틈이 – crack
18. 벌어져 – crack apart
19. 뜻 – intention, willing
20. 움직인 – move, change

Grammar point:
a. V. + 었/았던
This has the meaning of “used to do” or “was doing.”
This verbal modifier indicates an activity that was performed habitually in the past or was uncompleted.

Examples from the lyrics:
1. 영원할 줄 알았던 우리 사랑
I used to think our love would be forever
2. 눈빛만으로 통했던 사랑
the love that used to communicate through our eyes

More examples:
1. 작년에 입었던 옷
The clothes that I used to wear last year.
2. 어렸을 때 읽었던 책을 다시 읽었다.
I read again the book I used to read when I was young.

Do you guys remember the grammar point on verb stem + ㄴ/은/는 데 that we taught about on Lesson 11? If not, it’s time to revisit it again.

Please feel free to share any questions or comments.

Hi all,

Our guest blogger just sent me more pictures that she took in Korea. I was like jumping up and down when I see them because Hong Ki is so cute!! I just wanna share with all of you.
shopFT Island on the street cornerHong Ki Fan must see!FT Island facial mask

I have actually seen the same facial masks on sale in Taiwan outside of the concert hall and I think it was crazy!!! But I guess it gets crazier in Korea! I would definitely stop by this shop when I go to Korea!! 😛

Would you guys buy all these beauty stuff? Please comment and share!

Hi all,

I am so excited that a fan of FT Island has written a guest blog for us to tell us the first hand experience of the recent Beautiful Journey Concert! It happened the first weekend of November and for those of us who couldn’t get there, this concert sounds really exciting. Let’s see what the experience is like:

The concert was held on 6 and 7 Nov (Sat and Sun) in AX Hall in Seoul. 1st level was for standing only, seats were on 2nd level. I bought standing tickets for both nights as I could be closer to the stage than being seated on the 2nd level. I booked the tickets over the internet (Interpark Korea) about 2 weeks before the concert.

Sat night, concert was at 7pm. I arrived at 6pm, collected my ticket from the booth that said “Foreigners”, lined up outside according to the ticket entry number and we were let in at 6.30pm. I was very happy to see that AX Hall was not a very big place. So even though my ticket entry number was 200 plus, I wasn’t far from the stage. I was in the section at the left cos my fave Seung Hyun is always on the left side of the stage.

Finally, at a few minutes past 7, the concert began. There was a giant cloth screen covering the front of the stage. We could hear each of them taking turns to play the music instruments but we could only see their silhouettes. Then Hong Ki’s silhouette appeared and then the giant cloth dropped to the floor and we could see the 5 of them on stage! SCREEEEEEEEEEAM!!! I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing them in person! They look exactly as they look like in pictures and on screen. SOOOOOO CUTE!!

The 1st song was Don Quixote’s song from their Beautiful Journey album and it got everyone very high. Hong Ki’s voice was so powerful! There were a few songs that I didn’t know the titles of, but all the songs were very very nice. The more special ones to me were:
First Kiss– Seung Hyun sang the 1st verse ( I almost melted), then Hong Ki continued with the English version (Always Be Mine) and SH harmonised with him. It was fantastic.
Baby Love– Min Hwan sang the 1st verse, SH sang 2nd verse, HK sang chorus and the rest of the song.
Love Sick and Kojimal– Seung Hyun rapped so well and he looked so cool! And Hong Ki’s vocals were out of this world.

There was a slow song that HK sang that was really beautiful and Jong Hoon did a piano solo at the start of it. Wish I knew the title but I caught the Korean words “first love” in the song. Do they have a song called First Love?

The other songs that I know the title:
Sarangi Wanabwa, Calluses, Bad Woman, SarangSarangSarang, I Believe Myself, Brand New Days, I hope, Bing Bing Bing. The last song was Flower Rock.

Hong Ki also sang a short English song while strumming an acoustic guitar. He’s so talented! Sunday night’s concert, he didn’t do this guitar solo thing, but 2 guys came and rapped with him. I later found out that they are known as the Supreme Team, but I’ve never heard of them. So the 2 concerts were the same except for this part.

What they wore was also very simple but smart — black jacket over T-shirt and skinny pants. SH and HK took off their jackets after a few songs. When they came back for the encore, they were more casual. HK in black sweater with skull, SH in black sweater that said I Love NY, JJ in white sweater with a cute blue and pink pattern. Couldn’t really see what MH and JH were wearing cos they were further away from me.

After the concert, there were some official merchandise on sale inside the building and there were some unofficial ones outside.
I bought stuff from both as well as from a shop in Myeong-dong that sells CDs, DVDs and all sorts of things with Korean celebrities. So besides FT Island things, I also bought a Jang Geun Suk calendar and notebook from this shop.

Looking thru the bits of video that I took, I really enjoyed the song Sarangi Wanabwa. It was sung by all 5 of them. They took turns to sing parts of it and Seung Hyun rapped. He did some hand actions and looked really adorable, especially when he smiled. Sigh…..

Concert VenueHong Ki SingingBeautiful Journey ConcertConcert picturesAnother Concert PictureJaejin and SeunghunConcertSouvenirs

After seeing all the souvenirs, I am so jealous! Thanks for our guest blogger and I hope some of you are willing to be my guest when you have a chance to see FT Island!! 🙂 If you have also gone to this concert, please comment and share with us!

Hi all,

I am sure some of you are excited to hear about the latest on Oh Won Bin. He is finally coming up with his solo single. We have all been waiting for so long and finally he is ready with his latest single “I love you and I love you” featuring Brown Eye Girl’s rapper Miryo.

Let’s listen to the song performed live:

How do you guys like it? Please comment and share.