Beautiful Journey Concert – First hand experience from a fan!

Posted: November 20, 2010 in music, rock
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Hi all,

I am so excited that a fan of FT Island has written a guest blog for us to tell us the first hand experience of the recent Beautiful Journey Concert! It happened the first weekend of November and for those of us who couldn’t get there, this concert sounds really exciting. Let’s see what the experience is like:

The concert was held on 6 and 7 Nov (Sat and Sun) in AX Hall in Seoul. 1st level was for standing only, seats were on 2nd level. I bought standing tickets for both nights as I could be closer to the stage than being seated on the 2nd level. I booked the tickets over the internet (Interpark Korea) about 2 weeks before the concert.

Sat night, concert was at 7pm. I arrived at 6pm, collected my ticket from the booth that said “Foreigners”, lined up outside according to the ticket entry number and we were let in at 6.30pm. I was very happy to see that AX Hall was not a very big place. So even though my ticket entry number was 200 plus, I wasn’t far from the stage. I was in the section at the left cos my fave Seung Hyun is always on the left side of the stage.

Finally, at a few minutes past 7, the concert began. There was a giant cloth screen covering the front of the stage. We could hear each of them taking turns to play the music instruments but we could only see their silhouettes. Then Hong Ki’s silhouette appeared and then the giant cloth dropped to the floor and we could see the 5 of them on stage! SCREEEEEEEEEEAM!!! I couldn’t believe I was finally seeing them in person! They look exactly as they look like in pictures and on screen. SOOOOOO CUTE!!

The 1st song was Don Quixote’s song from their Beautiful Journey album and it got everyone very high. Hong Ki’s voice was so powerful! There were a few songs that I didn’t know the titles of, but all the songs were very very nice. The more special ones to me were:
First Kiss– Seung Hyun sang the 1st verse ( I almost melted), then Hong Ki continued with the English version (Always Be Mine) and SH harmonised with him. It was fantastic.
Baby Love– Min Hwan sang the 1st verse, SH sang 2nd verse, HK sang chorus and the rest of the song.
Love Sick and Kojimal– Seung Hyun rapped so well and he looked so cool! And Hong Ki’s vocals were out of this world.

There was a slow song that HK sang that was really beautiful and Jong Hoon did a piano solo at the start of it. Wish I knew the title but I caught the Korean words “first love” in the song. Do they have a song called First Love?

The other songs that I know the title:
Sarangi Wanabwa, Calluses, Bad Woman, SarangSarangSarang, I Believe Myself, Brand New Days, I hope, Bing Bing Bing. The last song was Flower Rock.

Hong Ki also sang a short English song while strumming an acoustic guitar. He’s so talented! Sunday night’s concert, he didn’t do this guitar solo thing, but 2 guys came and rapped with him. I later found out that they are known as the Supreme Team, but I’ve never heard of them. So the 2 concerts were the same except for this part.

What they wore was also very simple but smart — black jacket over T-shirt and skinny pants. SH and HK took off their jackets after a few songs. When they came back for the encore, they were more casual. HK in black sweater with skull, SH in black sweater that said I Love NY, JJ in white sweater with a cute blue and pink pattern. Couldn’t really see what MH and JH were wearing cos they were further away from me.

After the concert, there were some official merchandise on sale inside the building and there were some unofficial ones outside.
I bought stuff from both as well as from a shop in Myeong-dong that sells CDs, DVDs and all sorts of things with Korean celebrities. So besides FT Island things, I also bought a Jang Geun Suk calendar and notebook from this shop.

Looking thru the bits of video that I took, I really enjoyed the song Sarangi Wanabwa. It was sung by all 5 of them. They took turns to sing parts of it and Seung Hyun rapped. He did some hand actions and looked really adorable, especially when he smiled. Sigh…..

Concert VenueHong Ki SingingBeautiful Journey ConcertConcert picturesAnother Concert PictureJaejin and SeunghunConcertSouvenirs

After seeing all the souvenirs, I am so jealous! Thanks for our guest blogger and I hope some of you are willing to be my guest when you have a chance to see FT Island!! 🙂 If you have also gone to this concert, please comment and share with us!


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