FT Island Beautiful Journey Concert in Taiwan this Christmas

Posted: December 9, 2010 in music, rock
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Hi all,

I just realized that FT Island is having a concert in Taiwan this Christmas. Oh Won Bin will be their special guest! Finally all 6 members of FT Island are together. And if you buy the ticket now, you can take backstage tickets with them. OMG! How come they didn’t offer that when I go the beginning of this year!!! I wish I could go. Since I already saw them this year, I couldn’t justify to go again. Is anyone going? 🙂


  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace,

    Oh I’m soooooo jealous of the Taiwanese fans! Why didn’t they have the backstage photo-taking thing for their Seoul concert????? Since I just saw them last month, I can’t possibly go again this month… boohooohooo…. I wish I could go!

    Don’t I sound like you? I’m feeling exactly what you’re saying! Sigh…… I enjoyed their Beautiful Journey concert so much, really wish I could experience it all over again. There was nothing gimmicky about the concert. They didn’t try to dance or do anything dramatic. It was just the 5 of them and their music, simple and beautiful. That was what I love most about it.


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      I know! The Taiwanese fans are so fortunate. I would like a backstage photo with them too! I wonder how many people they are going to do this with. I shouldn’t have gone the beginning of the year and go to this one instead!!! Oh well…

      We are just happy to see all five of them anyway! 🙂


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