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Today is the airing of KBS show “100 points out of 100”  which Lee Hong Ki in it.  In this episode, Lee Hong Ki shared his experience in removing hair.

So if you can watch the show, please do miss Lee Hong Ki sharing his “growing patience” story and about removing hair.  As you all might know, Hong Ki has lots of hair on his legs.  😀

I will share with you  if I can find this episode someday.  Meanwhile, please share if you get a chance to see this show.

Are you all ready for Lunar New Year?  It’s a big celebration for the Koreans as well as Chinese.  FT Island was invited to Taiwan to record a special program for Lunar New Year called “2011 Asia Star Fight” at Taipei Arena on 1/26/11.

In the program, other than singing, they will also participate in games in teams along with other Chinese stars.

The tickets for this event is very limited.  There were only 15,000 of them and it was said that the price went up to 500,000won by scalpers.

When the band arrived at Taipei Airport on 1/26/11 and more than 200 fans went to see them at the airport despite the really cold weather.  Fans was so crazy that they broke the glass of the airport entrance.  It’s really crazy.

Here is a picture of FT when they arrived at Taipei:

FT Island Arrived in Taipei

This is the door that was broken:

FT Island Fans broke airport glass door

That seems pretty crazy to me.  What do you guys think?



Here is the performance of FT Island at the Seoul Award:

Here is their speech:

The Parody is quite cute.  What do you think?  Please comment and share.

Well, just found this video the both CN Blue and FT Island are on stage together at Rock Band Battle.  Interesting!  I couldn’t believe Hong Ki made a mistake in “Love, Love, love”.  He is always perfect to me! ;-P

Honestly I don’t know everybody that is on stage that rocked with them?  Do you?  If so, please comment and let me know who they are.

Dear Korean Learners,

Since I know almost all of my readers here are really into learning Korean, I decided to write this post to share some of the resources I use to learn Korean.  And the best of all, they are all free.  Yes, you can learn Korean online for free!  It’s that amazing?  As much as you and I enjoy learning from Korean songs, it will be good to have formal lessons and other ways to get the language as well.  The more ways you use to learn Korean, the faster you can learn it.  So try all of them and see which one works for you.

1. The one I use a lot is  Here they have podcast of classes that ranges from beginning level to advanced level.   They have video lessons as well so if you have your ipod, you can actually see the video.  However, the videos are mainly for beginning lessons.  You can even subscribe to get a free Korean word a day.  They also have a basic and premium subscription so you can follow along with the class but those you need to subscribe for a fee.

2. – It gives you 200 expressions in Korean.  It’s good if you need a crash course quickly.

3. –Started by one of the guys from Koreanclass101, it also has a lot of free Korean lessons.

4. Sogang University Program– Offers complete lessons with a focus to improve your spoken Korean.

5. Visit Korea – That’s the official tourism site for Korea but it also teaches you Korean.  It also has information on language programs in Korea.  So for those who really want immersion, this is where you can find out where to study in Korea.  I actually really enjoy the Korean language adventure with the animation.

6. Online Intermediate College Korean – This is more for intermediate Korean learners and it has complete lessons with audio, homework and exercise.  I find them very helpful and I often refer to this site when I write my blog to reference grammar points.

7. Korean Study Room – This site has a lot of useful sentences.  But it’s not really complete lessons and you have to know how to read Hangul.

I believe these are the best resources to get you started and going.  There are other resources that I will share with you all later.

Do you have a resource that you like and want to share with us?  Please comment and let us know about it.

Hi all,

I found this other show called Flower Boy Generation that FT Island guest appeared together with Shinee.  Too bad Hong Ki was not there!  But I hope you will enjoy it still.


It seems to be a while back because of the hair of Jaejin was still the Cross and Change hair style.  I am surprised that Jong Hun and Jaejin seems to really like to dance.  But I guess it’s hard for them to compare to Shinee!  🙂

How do you guys like this?  Please comment and share with us.  🙂

Here is the last one of this series.  Now it’s CN Blue’s turn on “Super King.”

Do you like the show?  Please comment and share.