Congratulations to FT Island on a successful concert tour in Japan

Posted: January 5, 2011 in music, rock
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Happy New Year!

Just read that FT Island finished a successful concert tour in Japan.  That’s very exciting.  They have been touring for December and have been to Taiwan and Japan.  It looks like they will go back to Japan in March.  Where else would they go?  I wish they could come to US.

Where else do you primadonnas want them to go?  Please comment and everyone know!

  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace. Happy New Year!

    I wish FT Island would come to Singapore. When they came last year, I didn’t know of them yet. How ignorant I was! Sigh.

    I just bought their Double Date album which consists of 2 CDs : a repackage of the Cross and Change album (which I don’t have) and the FT Triple album. I didn’t know there are so many beautiful songs in the Cross and Change album! Some of them I first heard during their Beautiful Journey concert in Seoul and I was jumping for joy when I found them in this Double Date album. It also comes with Chinese translation of the lyrics (made for the Taiwanese market), so I understand what the songs mean.

    But I really miss your line by line translation with vocab and grammar points. You haven’t had a song for some time =) Can you do one from the Cross and Change album PLEEEEASE?? I know you’ve translated ‘Barae’. Can you do another one that you really like?

    I love all the songs there but if I had to choose, my 2 favourite songs are Bo-nae-ju-gi (Letting Go) and So Nyo rul Manna da (Also called Sonagi or Boy Meets Girl). They are such hauntingly sad and beautiful songs, and Hong Ki’s voice is just AWESOME.


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      Happy New Year to you!! So nice to hear from you. When was the last time FT was in Singapore? Like 2 years ago?

      Anyway, I am glad that you got another album of FT Island. Cross and Change is a good album. How cool your album comes with a translation of the lyrics to Chinese! Actually I just recently started watching “The Ultimate Story of the Five Treasures” which I bought from Taiwan. I haven’t watched it because of the region code problem which I didn’t think of when I bought it. But I can watch it on a computer now. It’s so cool! It has lot of photo shoots and interviews of them. Anyway, it was also translated to Chinese. 🙂

      Sure, I can translate another song from the Cross and Change album. I think I wanted to do it before and then I think there are so many other news songs and then I decided to translate other songs. Anyway, I actually like “marry me” and “the ugly” from the album. I was thinking of translating “Marry Me,” would that be okay with you? I guess I like the song ’cause I can imagine Hongki singing that to me! 😛

      Grace (^.^)

  2. Janie says:

    Hi Grace,

    haha yes I’m sure imagining Hong Ki singing “Marry Me” to you will make you melt! For me, it would be Seung Hyun. =) I LOVE ‘Marry Me’ and ‘The Ugly’ too. In fact, all the fast songs in there are absolutely fabulous, like Bing Bing Bing and I Knew At First Sight.

    Oh I was wondering why that song is called “the Ugly”? The Chinese title in my album has it as “ben dan” (in hanyu pinyin, 4th tone on both) meaning “Stupid” or “The Fool” which makes more sense.

    I have the Ultimate Story of the Five Treasures too!!! Bought it in Seoul when I went for the concert. Mine has English subtitles. It’s great, isn’t it? Really enjoyed watching it.

    Looking forward to your lesson with “Marry Me” or whichever song you decide. As long as it’s FT Island, it will be GREAT! Will try to be patient….. but don’t take too long! 😉


  3. Jessica says:

    Excuse me, hiie i am just a passerbys that like FTIsland and i have a question to ask your.Do your know FTIsland new album “Five Treasure Island”(In Japanese) and “Return” .These two album did they sell in Singapore?

    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Thanks for stopping by. I actually don’t know if those two album are being sold in Singapore. But you can always order them online, right? Good luck getting them!

      I hope you come back and check out the latest news for FT Island! 🙂


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