Dear Korean learners and Korean through lyrics readers,

Happy New Year! Ready to start another year of Korean learning? I wish we will all learn a lot of Korean from our favorite songs this year!

I wonder who’s going to introduce the song this time?

Let’s see a live performance of the song from FT Island:


조금이라도 아주 조금이라도

(Even a little so even little)

곁에 머물러주길 간절히 빌어보지만

(I eagerly pray that you could remain by my side but)

더는 아니라고 이제는 아니라고

(It is no longer.  Now, it is not)

얼음처럼 차가운 너의 말투

(You tone to me is cold like ice)

어서 날이 지나고 어서 그만두라고

(Days passed quickly, it stopped quickly)

그럴수록 상처만 더 깊이 남게 된다고

(The more I do this, the deeper scar is left)

나는 괜찮다고 널 사랑한 이맘은

(I am okay.  The heart that loves you)

이미 많이 상처에 익숙하니까

(already experienced a lot of wounds)


굳은 살이 박혀버려

(Calluses being stuck)

아픈 줄도 나는 몰라

(I don’t even know how pain it is)

수천번 할켜도

( Even a few thousand times I scratched)

수만번 할켜도

(Even ten thousand times I scratched)

내 가슴은 아픈줄도 몰라

(I don’t know how pain it is for my heart)

굳은 살이 박혀버려

(Calluses being stuck)

아프게 해도 난 몰라 이젠

(I don’t even know if it hurts now)

수천번 찢겨도

(Even I rip a thousand times)

수만번 찢겨도

(Even I rip a few ten thousand times)

내 가슴은 아픈줄도 몰라

(I don’t know how much it hurts my heart)

내 사랑은

(My love)

다른 사람을 만나 다른 사랑을 해도

(Even if I meet another person, even if I love another person)

너 같은 사랑은 두번 다신 못할꺼야

(I will not be able to love another person again like I loved you)

굳은 살이 박힌 내 가슴 어디에도

(My heart who is stuck with all the calluses anywhere)

또 다른 사랑은 못 쓸테니까

(Cannot be used for another love again)

Repeat Chorus

제발 다시 돌아와줘

(Please come back again)

제발 다시 내게 와줘

(Please come back to me again)

니 얼굴이 박혀버려

(You face is being stuck)

지워봐도 소용없어

(I tried to erase but it is not useful)

수천번 지워고

( I erase a few thousand times)

수만번 지워도

(I erase a few ten thousand times)

니 얼굴이 지워지질 않아

(Your face won’t get erased)

니 사랑이 박혀버려

(You love is being stuck)

가슴을 후벼도 안돼 그래

(Even I dig out my heart, it can’t, no)

너만 사랑하고

( I only love you)

너밖에 몰라서

(I don’t know anything other than you)

다른 사랑은 죽어도 안돼

(I cannot love another person even I die)


(My love)


1. 조금 – a little, some, a bit

2. 머물러 – stay, remain

3. 간절히 – eagerly, sincerely, earnestly

4. 빌어 – pray, beg

5. 얼음 – ice

6. 차가운 – cold

7. 말투 – the tone of talking to somebody, one’s way of speaking

8. 어서 – quickly, promptly

9. 상처 – wounds

10. 익숙하 – a) experienced; b) familiar

11. 굳은 – harden, solidify

12. 살 – flesh

13. 박혀 – being stuck, be embedded in

14. 할켜 -the mistake of 할퀴다 meaning scratch

15. 수천번 – a few thousand times,

16. 찢겨 – torn, ripped, cut into pieces

17. 수만번 – a few ten thousand times

18. 얼굴 – face

19. 소용 – use

20. 후벼 – pick, pierce

Grammar Point:

verb stem + (을)ㄹ 테니까

When you use this form, it indicates the reason or cause of the speaker’s plan or intention.  You might compare this to (으)니까 as it means “since, because” and conveys the reason or explanation of doing something.  The difference is mainly in the level of confidence.  Here, 테니까 is more like probably where as 니까 is almost sure.

Example from the song:

굳은 살이 박힌 내 가슴 어디에도
또 다른 사랑은 못 쓸테니까

My heart is stuck with all the calluses that nowhere is my heart is able to love again.

More examples:

1. 가:배 고파요!  먹을 게 있어요?

나: 지금은 요리 할테이까 잠깐만 기다리세요.

2. 가: 오늘 저녁 9시쯤 전화할 테니까 꼭 받으세요.

나: 저는 그 시간에 자는데요.

I hope you guys learned some Korean today and enjoyed this song.  Please make some new sentences with this grammar point and post it as comments.

  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace,

    This is GREAT! I LOVE THIS SONG! ( I don’t know why but I just LOVE all the super-sad songs of FT Island. I think it’s Hong Ki’s voice.) I’ve been singing along every time I play the CD and I’m glad I can understand it more thoroughly now. Thank you!

    Your introduction is also quite funny. haha!


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      Nice to hear from you and I am glad that you love this song. Somehow a lot of rock songs are sad love songs so that’s good for you. 😉 I do think HongKi’s voice can is good for these sad rock songs. 😀

      I am glad that you like the intro. I usually spend quite some time on it. 🙂


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