FT Island in Taiwan to celebrate Lunar New Year

Posted: January 29, 2011 in music
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Are you all ready for Lunar New Year?  It’s a big celebration for the Koreans as well as Chinese.  FT Island was invited to Taiwan to record a special program for Lunar New Year called “2011 Asia Star Fight” at Taipei Arena on 1/26/11.

In the program, other than singing, they will also participate in games in teams along with other Chinese stars.

The tickets for this event is very limited.  There were only 15,000 of them and it was said that the price went up to 500,000won by scalpers.

When the band arrived at Taipei Airport on 1/26/11 and more than 200 fans went to see them at the airport despite the really cold weather.  Fans was so crazy that they broke the glass of the airport entrance.  It’s really crazy.

Here is a picture of FT when they arrived at Taipei:

FT Island Arrived in Taipei

This is the door that was broken:

FT Island Fans broke airport glass door

That seems pretty crazy to me.  What do you guys think?




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