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It is reported that FT Island’s main vocal Lee Hong Ki will be participating in a Japanese drama “Muscle Girl.” He will be leading the drama along with Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui. The drama will be scheduled for this May through TBS and MBS. It is a story about a female fighter and Lee Hong Ki’s role will be a popular Korean singer just like himself.

Lee Hong Ki will also be participating in the drama OST production. Lee Hong Ki has gained a lot of popularity due to his role in “You’re Beautiful.”

Hurray!!! For those of us who has been waiting for another drama with Lee Hong Ki, this is great news!!! Can’t wait!!! What do you gals guess Hong Ki’s character is like? Would it be Please comment and let us know!


In this MBC’s Lunar New Year Special, Idol Star 7080 Best singer, various pop groups participated for several awards. Groups including 4minute, SHINee, Super Junior, miss A, Clazziquai, T-ara, ZE:A, Brown Eyed Girls, Sistar, After School etc. all joined for the fun to see who can do the best cover for the 70’s and 80’s songs.

FT Island actually got the King Singer! Yeah! Wouldn’t expect any less from Hong Ki! 😀 That’s the biggest award of the night! 🙂 I am actually just happy that FT Island gets more recognition for their singing ability.

Other awards like “Hot Performance Award” went to SJ’s Yesung, “Bronze Award” went to SHINee, “Silver Award went to “Sistar” and finally the “Gold Award” went to f(x)’s Luna and Clazziquai’s Alex.

This show seems to be a lot of fun. It’s actually good to see Hong Ki wearing his glasses. He usually try to do away with glass on screen. So it’s actually gives me a closer feeling to see him in glasses. 🙂 The same goes for Jaejin as well. But I think Jaejin looks really cute in this outfit. Maybe he should be born in the 70’s! ;-p What do y’all think? Please share with me by commenting below.


Hi everyone,

FT Island wishes you all a very happy Lunar New Year.

Check out the latest picture of them with han bok:

The group’s new year  resolution as Jaejin expressed ‘Last year, we had a major debut in Japan and enjoyed a big success; we would like to have large scale concerts in Korea and overseas too.

What about their individual resolutions?

Hongki: “I want to change this up-and-down atmosphere.

Jaejin: “I still get the ‘he’s like a kid’ comment a lot, and I want to be seen as a man. Whenever I get a chance, I work out.”

Jong Hoon:I hope my confidence will increase”

Min Hwan: “I hope I will earn a lot of money.

Seung Hyun: “Since October of last year, we have been focusing on overseas activities, and while we are still promoting overseas, we want to establish ourselves as a ‘Korean band”

What about the readers of Korean in Lyrics?  What is your New Year resolution? Want to learn more Korean?  Please share them here.