Happy Lunar New Year from FT Island!

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone,

FT Island wishes you all a very happy Lunar New Year.

Check out the latest picture of them with han bok:

The group’s new year  resolution as Jaejin expressed ‘Last year, we had a major debut in Japan and enjoyed a big success; we would like to have large scale concerts in Korea and overseas too.

What about their individual resolutions?

Hongki: “I want to change this up-and-down atmosphere.

Jaejin: “I still get the ‘he’s like a kid’ comment a lot, and I want to be seen as a man. Whenever I get a chance, I work out.”

Jong Hoon:I hope my confidence will increase”

Min Hwan: “I hope I will earn a lot of money.

Seung Hyun: “Since October of last year, we have been focusing on overseas activities, and while we are still promoting overseas, we want to establish ourselves as a ‘Korean band”

What about the readers of Korean in Lyrics?  What is your New Year resolution? Want to learn more Korean?  Please share them here.


  1. natsukichere says:

    aww…Min Hwan wants more money? That’s cute! XD

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