Videos of FT Island Hall Tour – Part 1

Posted: March 3, 2011 in music, rock
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Hi primadonnas of Korean through lyrics,

I just found these videos of FT Island Hall Tour. I actually think it’s a very good performance by FT Island. And I like the way they dress too. They all looked really cool. I actually am very pleasantly surprised by Seung Hyun’s vocal performance. It’s very nice! So I just want to share with all of you:

Opening and Flower Rock:

Brand New Days:

Hong ki singing Star and Raining:

Seung Hyun’s amazing performance:

Really love these videos. I love Jaejin in this tux outfit. It looks really good on him. And Hong Ki looks really cool too! What do other primadonnas think? Please comment and share!

  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace

    Thanks for posting this. What a great concert! I like Hong Ki’s hairstyle. They finally got it right and he looks so cute! Seung Hyun’s solo was so nice! I’ve always loved his voice; it’s very gentle and has a special tone. That song is really hard to sing and he did such a great job! And yes, JJ looks very handsome in the tux.

    Actually I love watching their Japan concerts cos I can understand most of what they say. I’ve lived in Japan before and how I wish I was living in Japan again! I’ll try to translate the main points of what they said in the 2nd video, the opening talk.

    HK: 2010 FT Island Hall Tour So Today Concert! (Drum roll)
    Nagoya and Osaka and JCB Hall we’ve finished, and now we’re at our last concert.
    Is everyone well? Are you really well? Then why are your voices so soft? (laughs)
    Thank you.
    Because the place is different, when I first entered, I was a bit nervous. Aren’t you all
    nervous? (asking band members)
    JJ: I am a bit nervous cos the place is so big!

    HK: The first time we were here was when we debuted in Korea in 2007; we came here once. But at that time, we were a new band and we didn’t do much. Today is the 2nd time but this time it’s our concert.
    JJ: Yes that’s right.
    HK: In 2007 we were with other Korean artistes but this time it’s only us, our concert. (drums)
    JJ: Yes that’s right. In front of this many people, half of me feels happy and half of me feels the pressure. Really, I’m feeling nervous….. Fighting!
    Today is the last concert but we’ll put our all into it. We just sang our major debut single Flower Rock and…….. (notices HK twisting his body) What are you doing????
    HK: My clothes are small/tight.
    JJ: Ah…

    Isn’t HK funny! JJ continues to talk about how much they enjoyed making Flower Rock and that they will next sing their 2nd single Brand New Days and their 3rd single So Today.

    The next section of talk in your next post is also quite funny cos Hong Ki is so naughty, bullying SeungHyun. I will try to post a translation for you.


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      I didn’t know you lived in Japan before and are fluent in it. You must be really glad that they have all these Japanese albums. I wish I could understand that. I learned Japanese before when I was really young. But I don’t think I really got it. 🙂 You should translate their Japanese song for us too. How about writing a Japanese through lyrics too? 🙂

      I really like the way they look in this concert. HK is funny as usual. That’s why we love him. 😀 But I really think Jaejin would look really nice when he gets older becomes more mature. 🙂 Hong Ki must be growing a lot and clothes get tight on him. ha ha…


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