Videos of FT Island Hall Tour – Part 2

Posted: March 4, 2011 in music, rock
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Hi primadonnas of Korean Through Lyrics,

I wish you enjoyed the videos that I posted yesterday. There are actually more. This concert seems very nice. I wish I was there. Too bad I don’t understand what they were saying. If any Japanese primadonna can help us translate, that would be great! 😉

Hong Ki seems to be very fluent in Japanese already!

Jaejin singing, love it! This is a very nice song!

Music Life Boom(x3):

I hope you enjoy all these nice videos. Please comment and let me know how you like them.

  1. Janie says:

    The talk in the first video is quite funny! When Hong Ki notices that Seung Hyun is missing, this is what he said.
    HK: Seung Hyun! Where did you go? Where did you go? Oy! Oy! (stares at the floor) Come out! Oy! Where did you go? Seung Hyun! Ah…. (sees SH) What are you doing? (SH comes out) So today…..(touches the gaps in SH’s clothes) Oh, nipple? Nipple? Oh, those clothes, if you look closely, you can see his nipple. Really, really! Did you see, did you see?

    hahaha Hong Ki is so naughty!!!! Poor Seung Hyun!!

    This segment is very nice. Each of them are supposed to complete the sentence “So today…….” with their own words and some of them said such meaningful things. Their Japanese has improved a lot! I’m impressed that they can express themselves so well! They must have worked very hard, esp Seung Hyun who joined the band later. He must have studied very hard to try to catch up with the rest. That’s why the others were also impressed by what he said. And that’s why he’s my favourite too! He really tries hard!


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      You are such a life saver! So good to know what’s going on. Hong Ki is bad as usual! ha ha… So what meaningful things did they say? I am very impressed by their Japanese too. I am sure Seung Hyun works hard to catch up on everything with the band. It’s not an easy job and he is doing a fine job. 🙂

      Thanks for the translation! So now I know I can post more Japanese videos of FT Island because you can translate!!! 😛


  2. Janie says:

    Hi Grace

    You’re most welcome! I’ll tell you how they each filled in the sentence “So today…….”.
    But they speak Japanese like Korean. Too quickly! They run the syllables together sometimes and it’s hard to catch what they’re saying. Esp Seung Hyun! But luckily I do get most of it. I won’t translate everything cos it’s quite long, just the main chunks for each person, starting with Seung Hyun, after getting teased by Hong Ki.

    SH: (So today) it’s winter and the weather is cold. My body is cold, my heart is cold, but….
    HK: Why is your heart cold? Ah ah ah (tries to look thru the gaps in SH’s clothes)
    SH: Because it’s winter.
    ( JH starts playing a tune)
    HK: It’s a winter’s night’s melody.
    SH: But all of you are now together here with me, so I am feeling warm. Thank you very much.
    JJ: Nice! Nice!

    Awwww….. isn’t Seung Hyun sweet? Next is Min Hwan who also said something very sweet.

    MH: So today is a treasure. Why? Because this year, this Hall Tour, FT Island members and all you fans, you are treasures to me. Not just today, but always, you are treasures.

    The audience must have melted to hear Min Hwan say that! Jong Hoon is next and he’s a bit of a joker here.

    JH: So today…. thank you for all your hard work. (laughter from audience) All of you and all our members, thank you for your hard work.
    SH: You failed! You failed!

    Next is Hong Ki.
    HK: For me, so today is a skull. What do I like best? Do you know?
    MH: Primadonna!! ( haha, MH is funny here!)
    HK: The thing I like best is the skull. It’s something that I will never grow tired of. So today is our last concert for this year and I will never grow tired of doing concerts.

    Quite meaningful, isn’t it? Jaejin’s part is not in this video. It’s before Seung Hyun’s and is in one of your other posts, but I can’t remember what he said.

    The next part, they are asking the audience to do the same thing, complete the sentence “So today…..” but the rule is they can’t say I love Hong Ki or I love FT Island. I’ll translate parts of it.

    SH: Especially Hong Ki. You can’t say Hong Ki. But Jae Jin is ok.
    JJ: Why?
    SH: Because you look so good!
    JJ: Oh….
    ( So, Grace, we’re not the only ones who think JJ looks good in a tux!)

    HK: So today…. 3,2,1….
    Girl’s voice: Hong Ki!
    SH: Get out!

    HK: Ok one more time…. from the 2nd floor? (looks at the 2nd level)
    Audience: Hong Ki! Hong Ki!
    (can hear SH laughing and saying “everybody, get out”)
    HK: Seung Hyun, you choose someone. (SH points to someone in audience)
    HK: So today…
    Girl: I came here for FT Island. ( At first, they couldn’t really get what she said, but then JJ caught it, and then they all understood.)
    HK: Thank you very much.

    The last part, JaeJin says that we all have different meanings and different things to fill in after “So today….”. He says something about his own wishes, which I can’t understand fully. Then Seung Hyun says something about being happy and the others were very surprised and said his Japanese has improved. He looks very happy and says he will keep working hard at it.

    Aren’t the boys amazing to be able to say so much in Japanese? Don’t you just love them even more cos they work so hard to improve themselves? I’m glad their Jap is so good cos that’s the only way I can understand them for now.

    The interview in your next post will be much easier to translate because it has Japanese subtitles. I will try to do it soon.


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