FT Island Special

Posted: March 30, 2011 in FT Island News
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This must be a special that was done for Japan when they realized “Flower Rock.” I just found this out so just want to share with all other primadonnas out there. 🙂

Do you gals realize how clean all their legs are? They all shave their legs. 🙂

I can’t believe Hong Ki likes winter. Anyway, he likes to meet girls while exercising. I need to exercise more! I better go now… 🙂

Any thoughts? Please comment and share.

  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace

    Thanks for posting this. It’s rather funny! The boys are so spontaneous and it’s so nice to see them good-naturedly poking fun at each other.

    JaeJin’s Japanese is the best; his pronunciation is the clearest and his sentences are well-structured. You can see that the others look to him for help sometimes. I wonder why he’s so much better than the others. SeungHyun is so cute; when he runs out of words, he uses lots of sound effects! Really cute!

    It’s also funny when they make mistakes. Like when Hongki said he wants to go to New Zealand and the others asked why, he said “I hate it.” So I was like huh??? Then luckily Jaejin knew what he actually meant and corrected him. In Japanese, “kirai” means hate or dislike; “kirei” means beautiful. Very close in pronunciation but extremely different in meaning!

    But it’s really good to see them being able to say so much in Japanese. They are really so hardworking. How I wish I can be their English and Japanese teacher. I can also teach them Mandarin for Taiwan and Cantonese for Hong Kong. But I guess I must first work hard at Korean!


    • mwgrace says:

      Hi Janie,

      Jaejin is always regarded to as the smart one in the group. So I am not surprised he can speak Japanese the best in the group. SeungHyun is street smart and can use body language. That’s great! ha ha…

      I was wondering why Hong Ki wants to go to New Zealand but then said because he hated it. Now I know why. I want to go to New Zealand too!! Thanks for the explanation. 🙂 That’s really cute!!!!

      I think if they get you a their teacher, they will be able to speak 4 languages. That would be awesome!! 🙂 So you better speed up your learning of Korean. Then invite me to meet with your “students.” YEAH!!!!


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