MV Teaser of FT Island’s “Satisfaction”

Posted: April 1, 2011 in FT Island News
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Hi readers of Korean through lyrics,

Yesterday I was talking about FT Island’s new Japanese Album coming up soon, today I actually have a MV Teaser to share with you all!! How exciting!

How do you like it? I think it’s not bad. It’s kind of upbeat. Can’t wait to hear the whole song!!!

This song will actually be the ending song of the anime series “Toriko.” Do you know anything about “Toriko?” This is a Japanese manga series on the weekly magazine called “Shounen Jump” three years ago. The leading character Toriko travels around the world to look for rare and unknown ingredients. The series is set to air on April 3. The first episode will also featured a crossover with One Piece.

So next week, we will be able to hear the song “Satisfaction.” Yeah! Leave a comment if you are going to catch this anime series!


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