Hear FT Island’s new song Satisfaction on “Toriko”

Posted: April 5, 2011 in FT Island News
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Dear all readers of Korean through lyrics and primadonnas,

“Toriko” was finally aired on April 3, so that means we get to hear FT Island’s new song Satisfaction as the ending theme song of the anime series. The first episode features a crossover of Toriko with One Piece’s Straw Hat. Without further a due, let’s hear the song.

The song is a rock song with uplifting beats and it sounds like Jaejin started the song and then followed by Hong Ki. What do you gals think and how do you like it? Please comment and let me know.


  1. Janie says:

    Hi Grace

    Yes the song is great! It is really Jaejin followed by Hongki, but this is just the middle part of the song. I just saw the full MV! It’s awesome!


  2. JadeZiiTah says:

    buenO en mi OpiiniiOn Lee Hong Ki azzuuu !!! zale maz papii Q en cualkiier viideO!!!!
    ii zta sOng la amO dezde Q escuche su avanze !!!! OmO !!! en zii tOdoz zalen zuper liindOz !!! perO maz mii Lee Hong Ki ♥♥♥

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