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Hi readers of Korean through lyrics,

I am excited to hear all the tracks of the new FT Island’s comeback album “Return” and would like to share with you all here. The album has 5 songs:
1. Hello Hello

2. Oh

3. 널 갖겠다

4. 고백합니다

5. Sunshine Girl

Which one do you like best? Please comment and share with us.


Hi readers of Korean through lyrics,

First of all, I would like to congratulate FT Island on their recent success in Japan. Their debut album “Five Treasure Island” topped the Orion album chart for this week. Their total album sales of 37,000 copies makes them the first male foreign artist to top the Oricon chart within the first week of release since 1970. Congratulations to FT Island!

A few days ago I posted the teaser of FT Island’s “Hello Helo” and now the full MV is already released so I wanted to share with all primadonnas out there.

How do you like it? When I first watched the teaser, I didn’t think it was good but now after I listened to the whole song and the MV, I actually like it. However, I just have to say they should have more diverse type of song. This song again is about saying goodbye which is just like their last big hit “사랑 사랑 사랑.” I do have to say Hong Ki has to ability to perform well on sad rock songs but I think he could do just as well on other types of songs. I wish they could let him try other types of songs. But that’s just my idea. What do you all think? Please comment and share.


Just found the new teaser for FT Island’s upcoming “Return” Album.

How do you like it? I think it’s just okay. Seems like the MV has an interesting story to it so let’s see if what the real story is when it comes out.

Hi all primadonnas,

Have you been busy watching “Muscle Girl?” I know I am. So if you haven’t watched it, go here:

You know how to find the rest of the episodes, right? 🙂

FT Island will be releasing their coming back album “Return” on May 24. This will be their 3rd mini-album.

FT Island Return

I am so looking forward to their Korean album! How about you? If you are watching “Muscle Girl”, how do you like it? Please share with me. I think Hong Ki is pretty cute in there. It’s funny when he is the referee! 🙂

Dear readers of Korean through lyrics,

How are you? I hope your Korean studies are going well. I have to say due to a lack of new songs from FT Island, I don’t even know what songs to write about. 🙂 However I do still watch Korean dramas so it’s good to translate from Korean drama OST songs to get to know a few more Korean pop singers. Today, I am going to do a lesson on the song “Superstar” from the Korean drama series “Mary staying out all night.” For those of you who are fans of Jang Guen Suk probably have watched this. It’s a relatively simple song so it should be easy to learn. 🙂

Introduction (Sorry, I was not allowed to embed the video here): Lesson 17 by smileypgg

Video of the song:

You’re my superstar

나만의 멋진 Honey Honey Honey
(My only stylish honey honey honey)

Honey Honey

언제 어디서나
(No matter when and where)

날 지켜줄 My Genie Genie Genie
(always protecting me my genie genie)

You’re my shining star

내 마음 속을
(Inside my heart)

환히 비춰줄 단 한 사람
(the person that gives me unobstructed light)

세상에서 유일한
(In this world the one and only)

그대는 나만의 슈퍼스타
(You are my only superstar)

Verse 1:
보고싶고 가슴은 두근두근
(I miss you and my heart is beating)

빨리 달리고
(Quickly run fast)

오늘도 예이예이 예에
(Today also yeah yeah yeah)

oh 내맘은 자꾸자꾸만 떨려오고
(oh my heart is always trembling)

내일도 와우와우 와
(Tomorrow also wow wow wow)

매일매일 담을 내일 기억들과
(Everyday the story comes back the next day)

너와 내가 가득 준비한 행복
(With you, I am filled with prepared happiness)

영원히 아니 그보다 더 오랫동안
(It’s not forever. It’s a while more than that)

날 지켜줄 유일한 사람
(I am the only one who will give you protection)

To chorus

Verse 2:
너를 보면 가슴이 두근두근
(When I look at you my heart is pounding)

(Quickly run)

어쩐지 예이예이 예예
( Somehow yeah yeah yeah)

오 널 보면 자꾸자꾸만 떨려오네
(oh, if I look at you, I am always trembling)

어떻게 와우와우와
(What should I do? Wow wow wow)

I’ll promise you

욕심많은 세상이 널 밀어내도
(This world that is full of greed pushed you)

언제까지나 난 수줍은 클레멘타인
(Always my shy Clementine)

I’m so happy

To Chrous

You’re my superstar

내가슴깊이 숨겨놓은 그 보석같은
(Deep in my heart covered like a jewel)

내 삶의 유일한 그대
(The only one in my life)

나만의 superstar
(My only superstar)


멋진 – wonderful, nice, cool, splendid, lovely, fashionable, stylish
지켜 – guard, protect
환히 – unobstructed
비춰- shine, light, illuminate
유일한 – only, one and only
두근두근 – palpitation, (heart)pounding
빨리 – quickly, fast
달리 – run
자꾸 – repeated, again and again, over and over again
떨려오 – shake
담 – talk
기억 -memory
가득 – filled
준비한 – to prepare
밀어내 – push, shove, thrust, force
수줍은 – shy
숨겨놓은 – hide, cover
보석-jewel, gem
삶 – life

Grammar Points:
This song doesn’t have complicated grammar so let’s learn how to make adjective from a noun.

For present tense:

For action verbs and descriptive verbs that ends with 있다 or 없다, add 는 to the verb stem.

Eg. 읽다 – to read , 책 – book
The booking that I am reading – 읽는책

Eg. 재미 있다- to be interesting
The booking that is interesting – 재미있는책

For descriptive verb, add ㄴ to verbs without the final consonant or 은 to verbs with a final consonant
Eg. 예쁘다 – pretty , 여자- girl
A pretty girl 예쁜여자
Eg. 좋다 – good, 날씨 – weather
Good weather – 좋은 날씨

That should be enough for your to be able to describe something now. Try to make up some sentences and post as comments! Why don’t we use some words to describe Jang Geun Suk? I will start:
멋진 남자! 🙂

Hi readers of Korean through lyrics,

FT Island has release a new music video of their Japanese song called “Haruka.” This is the theme song of “Muscle Girl” which stars Hong Ki and Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui.

What do you think of the video? Do you like it? I think Jaejin’s voice blends in nice with Hong Ki’s. 🙂