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I just watched FT Island on Kpop Music Mondays and it was a funny analysis of the video. It actually detailed why I was so confused when I first watched the Severely video. It just have a lot of things that doesn’t make sense. See it for yourself here.

Here are some of the recently comeback performance of FT Island. They are so awesome.

FT Island in Inkigayo:

I don’t understand. How can there be 5 prince charming? I thought there is just one in a fairy tale. How can reality be better than fairy tale? ;-P

FT Island on Music Core:

Which performance do you like best? Please comment and share.
FT Island Music Core MC Cut:

FT Island on M! Countdown:

This cool black look is very different from the prince charming white look in Inkigayo.

FT Island on Music Bank:

I like the song “Be my girl.” So sweet! Can’t beat it when FT Island is singing for you! 🙂 So cute to see Hong Ki playing the tambourine.

Just read this post that FT Island was named “Dumb Idols” because of their infinite love for their fans. After reading what the fans said the boys had done for them, I am so looking forward to seeing them here in LA. Maybe they will have a fan meet here since they love to meet with fans. I surely hope so!

I am surprised that they even let fans get in the concert even they don’t have a ticket. How nice! That’s why we love FT Island! \(^.^)/

What’s your wish that FT Island would do when they come here? Please comment and let me know.

Hi Primadonnas,

Just found all tracks of the 4th album of FT Island – “Grown Up” and want to share with all of you. I hope you will enjoy them. Since I already posted about the title song, so let’s start with track 2.

Which one is your favorite? Please comment and let me know. I like track 5 the most so far. Others might grow on me as I listen more though.

Just read about this post and want to make sure anyone out there who is still trying to get FT Island and CN Blue Concert tickets to be aware. Their concert is on March 9 and there is a confusion on with another listing on March 3. So make sure you get the correct concert on the correct date. Hopefully this will be fixed soon and fans like us can get tickets to see them.

I am looking forward to meet other fans at the concert! Go FT Island and CN Blue!