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Did you enjoyed the first episode of FT Island Korean Lesson?  It totally makes learning Korean fun and something you look forward to, right?

Here is the second episode:

FT Island 좋아해요

노래 좋아해요

목 소리 좋아해요

전부 다 좋아해요

Here are some additional sentence on what I like about each member of FT Island:

홍기의 목소리 좋아해요!!

(I like Hongki’s voice)

종훈의 얼굴 좋아해요!

(I like Joon Hoon’s face)

재진의 성격 좋아해요!

(I like Jae Jin’s character)

승현의 미소 좋아해요!

(I like Seung Hyun’s smile)

민환의 머리 좋아해요!

(I like Min Hwan’s brain)

Can you make your own sentence about what you like about each member?  Please comment and let us know.

Hi guys,

I just found out that FT Island is teaching Korean to their Japanese fans.  It’s actually pretty fun and I loved it!  So I am sharing with you all here.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Let’s review:

자리 있어요?

(Are there any seats?)

두 장 있어요?

(Are there two tickets?)

매점 있어요?

(Are there a store?)

팬 굿즈 있어요?

(Are there any fan goods?)


What other sentences can you think of?  Please comment and share.