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Hi Readers of Korean Through Lyrics,

Ready for another Korean lesson with FT Island?  Did you get enjoy all the previous lessons?

In this lesson, we learned:

콘서트 즐거웠어요. (The concert was fun.)

악수회 즐거웠어요. (The fan (handshaking) meeting was fun.) 악수 really means handshake

오늘 즐거웠어요. (Today was fun.)

너무 즐거웠어요. (It was really fun.)

Other sample sentences:

파티 즐거웠어요. (Party was fun.)

나는 한국어 수업을 하는 날엔 아주 즐거웠어요. (To me, the days of Korean classes was really fun.) <- This is my true feeling!

이본 수업이 즐거웠어요? What other sentences can you make?  Please comment and share.




Hi Primadonnas,

FT Island just released a new Japanese song called “Be Free” and the new album “New Page” is scheduled to be released on 5/28/2014.  This is their fourth Japanese album and from the look of the video, they are back to doing the harder rock songs which is totally good news to me!  I like their hard rock image with black lipstick and nail polish.  Check out the video here:

I think the song is awesome even though I don’t know what they’re singing yet.  But the music totally rocks!  What do you think of the mic that Hong Ki used?  I think it’s really cool!

Comment and let me know who you like this new “Be Free” video.