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Got my FT Island concert tickets today to FT Island’s first solo US concert!  I am so excited!!! Apparently, the tickets are selling really well!  Look at what Hong Ki tweeted:

Anyone else going to the concert and want to meetup?  I have organized a small gather with fans last time and hope to meet some of the primadonnas this time around as well.  Please comment below and let me know.



Hi Primadonnas,

Just read on Hong Ki’s twitter that FT Island is coming to Los Angeles for a concert on January 30, 2015.  They will also be going to New York before Los Angeles and their concert will be on January 28, 2015.   OMG!  YEAH!!! I know I have met with some of you last time when they came to LA.  Who is going this time?

Please leave me a comment and let me know you want to go to concert too!  I want to meet some of you again in this concert so we can cheer them on!