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Hey all readers of Korean through Lyrics,

I am so happy! I just got my tickets to FT Island and CN Blue’s concert in Los Angeles! YEAH!!!

I got up early just to make sure I log in at 10am PST. At first I got on because I am very familiar with them. At 9:58am, it still says tickets are not available so I was patiently waiting untill 10am. I just kept refreshing the page or went to the home page and searched again. Finally when it came back with availability, it showed 3 VIP packages to choose from: Diamond VIP ($375), Platinum VIP ($85) and Gold VIP ($75). But the funny thing was the last two VIP packages did not include tickets. I wasn’t sure what’s going on and I had to choose one of the packages and click on “Find Tickets.” I didn’t know what to do but no matter which package I chose it didn’t have any. I am so confused. Since I was so eager to get the tickets, I decided to go to

FT Island and CN Blue’s concert icon is right at the center.
FT Island and CNBlue Concert

Cool! So I clicked on it and it showed me the ticket prices. Finally, something I could understand. So I picked the price and headed to fill out the rest of information to purchase the tickets. OK, so far so good! When I clicked on “Process Order” it took a long time to update the page, eventually it said “error processing.” OMG! So I clicked “Process Order” again. Same thing happened! Long processing time and came back with error. So I decided to try Ticketmaster again! Finally somehow I got to a page where I could see the ticket prices. So I was ordering there. I tried to see what’s best available at the time and the most expensive ones are gone! The best were the $150 tickets. Anyway, I ordered my tickets and I realized the total is higher than ordering on because Ticketmaster charges a higher convenience fee and processing fee. It’s actually double that of So I tried to order on again. You know, I have to juggle two pages open at the same time and see which one got me the tickets first. However, kept having processing error and in the end I just went with Ticketmaster even they had higher fees.

I am glad that I got the tickets. I guess there must be a lot of people trying to buy on and it just couldn’t handle the load. Ticketmaster has a higher fee but maybe that’s part of handling the traffic that they get on a daily basis. I don’t know. I am trying to not think about the higher fees and just focus on the fact that I am going to see FT Island! ^^

Anyway, you know how excited I am now. For those of you that are going, please leave me a comment and let’s meet up. For those that are not, you know for sure I will cover it here. Also follow me on Twitter as I will cover it live there during the concert. (^.^)

OK, now I have to prepare for the concert so expect lessons to come soon. I have to beef up my Korean so I can understand what they say at the concert. How exciting! ^^


Grown Up

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Grown Up

Grown Up Cover

Hi everyone,

FT Island wishes you all a very happy Lunar New Year.

Check out the latest picture of them with han bok:

The group’s new year  resolution as Jaejin expressed ‘Last year, we had a major debut in Japan and enjoyed a big success; we would like to have large scale concerts in Korea and overseas too.

What about their individual resolutions?

Hongki: “I want to change this up-and-down atmosphere.

Jaejin: “I still get the ‘he’s like a kid’ comment a lot, and I want to be seen as a man. Whenever I get a chance, I work out.”

Jong Hoon:I hope my confidence will increase”

Min Hwan: “I hope I will earn a lot of money.

Seung Hyun: “Since October of last year, we have been focusing on overseas activities, and while we are still promoting overseas, we want to establish ourselves as a ‘Korean band”

What about the readers of Korean in Lyrics?  What is your New Year resolution? Want to learn more Korean?  Please share them here.


Hi all,

I found this other show called Flower Boy Generation that FT Island guest appeared together with Shinee.  Too bad Hong Ki was not there!  But I hope you will enjoy it still.


It seems to be a while back because of the hair of Jaejin was still the Cross and Change hair style.  I am surprised that Jong Hun and Jaejin seems to really like to dance.  But I guess it’s hard for them to compare to Shinee!  🙂

How do you guys like this?  Please comment and share with us.  🙂

Well, I posted yesterday of FT Island’s guest appearance on Taiwanese Show “Super King”.  Today I just found out Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hae also appeared before.  So just want to share with all of you. Still think Jang Geun Suk matches with Park Shin Hae the best!  ;-p

Jang Geun Suk’s commercial when he was 5.  So cute as a child!

Jang Geun Suk’s singing is awesome!!

Can you guess who is “Go Mi Nam”?

The food looks reallly delicious!

I enjoyed watching this show.  It’s so cute!  What do you think? Please comment and share.

Dear readers of Korean through lyrics,

Just want to wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!! So I decided to post a few videos of FT Island’s Christmas message from past years. Don’t forget they are having their Christmas concert in Taiwan. Can’t wait to hear about it. If anyone of you happens to go, please share with us! 🙂

FT Island singing “We wish you a Merry Christmas”:

FT Island sining “Feliz Navidad”:

Christmas message:

Picture Source

Hi all,

Our guest blogger just sent me more pictures that she took in Korea. I was like jumping up and down when I see them because Hong Ki is so cute!! I just wanna share with all of you.
shopFT Island on the street cornerHong Ki Fan must see!FT Island facial mask

I have actually seen the same facial masks on sale in Taiwan outside of the concert hall and I think it was crazy!!! But I guess it gets crazier in Korea! I would definitely stop by this shop when I go to Korea!! 😛

Would you guys buy all these beauty stuff? Please comment and share!