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Hi all,

I am sure a lot of hallyu fans like me knows about Park Yong Ha. He is definitely one of the first hallyu stars who started the Korean wave. To me, it started when I first watched “Winter Sonata.” It was very well made with lots of twists and turns. He acted very well as Sang-Hyuk and I also watched his more recent drama “On Air.” I like that drama too. When I heard the he committed suicide, I was so shocked. Needless to say, I don’t feel good at all.

I know that Park sings as well and is very famous in Japan. I want to have my own tribute to him and translate one of his songs. I have to admit I don’t listen to him very much but I do know he sings in some drama OSTs. So I started looking them up and eventually I found one song that I know. It’s the OST song of “All In” which I watched. The song is called “처음 그 날처럼” meaning “just like the first day.”

Let’s see Park Yong Ha singing it live once more:


Verse 1:
가야한다고 어쩔 수 없다고
(You said you had to leave. You said you had no choice)

너의 손 잡은채 나는 울고만 있었지
(While I hold your hand, I was only crying)

언젠가는 꼭 돌아올거라고
(Someday you said you would surely come back)

그땐 우린 서로 웃을 수 있을거라고
(Then you said we will be able to laugh at each other)

긴 기다림은 내겐 사랑을 주지만
(Although the long wait gave me love)

너에겐 아픔만 남긴 것 같아
(To you, it seems to only leave you pain)

이런 날 용서해
(Forgive me this)

바보같은 날
(Silly me)

언젠가 널 다시 만날 그 날이 오면
(Someday I will meet you again. When that day comes,)

너를 내품에 안고 말할꺼야
(I will tell you in my arms)

너만이 내가 살아온 이유였다고
(You were the only reason I lived)

너없인 나도 없다고
(Without you, there is no me)

언젠가 힘든 이 길이 끝이 나는 날
(Someday when this difficult road ends)

그대 곁에서 내가 눈 감는 날
(I close my eyes next to you)

기억해 나의 사랑은 니가 마지막이였단걸
(Remembering you were my last love)

처음 그 날 처럼..
(Just like the first day)

Verse 2:
눈을 감으면 잊어져 버릴까
(If I close my eyes, will I forget you?)

슬픈 밤에도 쉽게 잠들 수 없었지
(I could not easily fall asleep on those sad nights)

꿈에서라도 널 보게 된다면
(Even in my dreams if I can see you)

눈물 흐를까봐 눈을 뜰 수가 없었어
(I fear I will have tears falling. I could not open my eyes)

Repeat Chorus


어쩔 수 없다 – It can’t be helped. You have no choice.
언젠가 – Someday
꼭 – surely, certainly, undoubtedly
서로 – each other
긴 기다림은 – long wait
용서해 – forgive
내품 – my breast literally but it means my arms in usage
이유 – reason
끝 – end
기억해 – remember
마지막 – last
잊어져 버리-forget
쉽게 – easily
눈을 감다 – close one’s eyes
눈을 뜨다 – open one’s eyes

Grammar point:
Action verb + ㄴ/은 채(로)
It means “just as it is”, “while doing”, “being in the state of”.
This construction indicates a state or a condition in which an action occurs.

Example from the lyrics:

너의 손 잡은채 나는 울고만 있었지
While I hold your hand, I was only crying

More examples:
1. 안경을 쓴 채 잤다.
I went to bed with my glasses on.

2. 옷을 입은 채로 사우나에 들어가지 마.
Don’t go into sauna with your clothes on.

Please don’t forget to comment and make your own sentences.